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Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Friday Day Off

I have Fridays off from work for the summer session. But this Friday I had an 8:00 am meeting (which lasted two and a half hours). Then I needed to stay a little longer so that I could photocopy lessons for next week. I wasn’t off campus until about 10:45 am. Normally, I would have thought that it was a little late for a summer trail. But I took my chances because dang it, this was a day off. If it got too hot after all, I could just hike.

Go figure that I chose a trail that is almost entirely exposed. I guess that whole hike when I need to really solves any issues I have with heat. Besides that, I just won’t put up with it anymore. No more heat sick for me. I can tell if it is going to end up that way, and if I even have a inkling of ending up heat sick, I’ll call it. Ends up, the weather was just as lovely as it has been for weeks. Sure, it was warm, maybe even a little hot, but the skies were blue and there blew a cool breeze. So comfortable it was, I ran much of the distance out to the flags. The hills, of course, that’s another story. I enjoyed a relaxing hike on all of the steep hills.

7.23 mi, 1,325' elevation gain


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