Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Scouting Saddleback Marathon Trails

IMG_0837I managed to head to The Saddleback Mountains this past Sunday to scout some of the marathon trails. It was a warm Autumn day for sure – our cool down trend has not occurred but is much anticipated. Anyway, Blue Jay Campground was closed for improvements. They’re fixing it up for us! I cannot tell you how great it was to be back up in that campground. (Yes, I snuck in!).

Anyway, below are some quick pictures of mainly San Juan Trail and The Viejo Tie which are part of the marathon course. We’ve got fresh poison oak out there, which is normal. And only one fallen tree (so far). Overall, except for some overgrowth, the trails look great.

More previews to follow.

The Main Divide on the Way in:IMG_0715IMG_0723

Poison OakPoison Oak

San Juan Trail:SJ Trail 2SJ Trail 3SJ Trail 5SJ Trail 6

San Juan Trail, close to Viejo TieSJ Trail 8SJ Trail 9SJ Trail 7

Viejo TieVT 1VT 2

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