Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The New Holy Jim (Test Post)

It's time to narrow down what's happening to Blogspot-- that is, my blog photos and why so many have disappeared.  Well, they haven't actually disappeared. They've been replaced with thumbnails, clickable thumbnails that link to the photos. Lots of blogs are experiencing the same but I haven't seen a fix. My first thought it that the 3rd party app that I use to post is the culprit (OpenLiveWriter). So, I'm not going to use that app here. 

Let me attempt to show  yyou the grandeur of Holy Jim up to The Main Divide (Bear Springs) by using Blogspot's cloud based platform instead of the other app. If you can see the photos below, then OpenLiveWriter is involved with my issue. If you need to click the thumbnail to see the image, then, I'll be back to try something else.

I haven't been on this magnificent trail, the one I used to call "Holy Cow", since the #HolyFire in 2018. I have been to Holy Jim Falls a few times, which is down in the canyon. I did some pretty good damage at the falls the last time, causing a few trips to the doctor and eventually a cortizon injection. Anyway, here is Holy Jim now. Much is the same, much is different, There's been slides, the creek has re-routed in some areas, and of course there's all the fire damage at the top giving me an ocean view for the first time from Holy Jim that I can remember. It was awesome to be back to my old friend.

From January 14, 2024

Sitting by the spring that saved my life (most likely more than once)! The dirt is damp but there is currently no stream of water, not even a trickle.

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