Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Maple Springs Rd.

IMG_9213Last Saturday (11/20), I got out early for Maple Springs Rd. Well, I woke early, but didn’t get out terribly early (about 7 am). I love Maple Springs Rd., though I don’t choose it often (especially during summer). It’s a slow drive to get to this particular switchback up Old Saddleback. Like most the other switchbacks, it leads to The Main Divide (the truck trail that runs along the ridge). The speed limit through Silverado is 25 mph, making the drive just under 90 minutes from my front door to my not-so-secret parking space where the asphalt ends.  I was thrilled to find the spot open to park at the end of the one-lane asphalt road. I thought for sure that I’d need to get out a heck of a lot earlier to get this awesome parking place. I felt lucky.

The time was perfect now that it is fall and the weather’s cooled own. If my records prove correct, my last trip up Maple Springs Rd. was January 27, 2021. Not even a year ago but it seems so distant. Feels surreal.

Being that Maple Springs Rd. is one of the only roads that lead to The Main Divide that is open to vehicles right now (Bedford Rd. being the other that I know of) it was quite busy with motor traffic. I’m okay with that. There were times when trucks or motorcycles rumbled by and there were times when I didn’t know there was another person on the mountain:

About 9 miles with some decent elevation – still haven’t uploaded my watch. I need to do that.

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