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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wood Canyon My Old Friend

I’m back to watching movies, off my phone while on the elliptical or cycle, at the gym. I haven’t watched movies or any kind of series in a long while. Well, actually, my little movie binge this time around started around Christmas time, and it wasn’t at the gym -- first with Whiplash, a movie from my living room couch that wound me up so much, I had to leave the room during one scene because the pressure just got to be too much. Pretty good movie; thought about it for days, analyzed it with my middle son who watched it with me because it is about music (and he will watch just about any movie that relates to music). After that, I re-watched (for at least the 5th time) Punk Drunk Love. It was too sad for me this time around, which means I’ll finally put that quirky movie to rest and watch it no longer. And then came the gym movies -- a couple days ago, I caught another Adam Sandler movie, this one, The Cobbler. The movie was mildly entertaining, it could have been much more. I am a little let down by movies like this where everything gets tied together so neatly at the end. But then, tonight I took in another movie at the gym -- Super, where things didn’t get tied together so neatly. Ummm. Wow. Hard to say just a word or two about Super. Not even sure that I liked it (though, I think I did). On the bad side was the violence. I turned away no less than three times from the sloppy, yet intense violence. (By the way, they tricked me and didn’t really hit hard with the graphic violence until about half way through the movie.) But there was a real involved story here, with classic themes and a bunch more of those introspective kind of things that we all feel and know about but don’t dally there much, because its depressing. So, I do believe that I give Super a reluctant thumbs up.

In between those movies I hit the trails in Wood Canyon. I certainly don’t need drama when wandering about a trail, even if it’s on a mundane trail that I’ve been over again and again. I chose Wood Canyon because I wanted something with easy access, and something relatively quick and easy. Being that we’re all still on winter break, aka Christmas vacation, at my house, I had plans with my family to have sandwiches at our favorite deli, Board n’ Brew, and a movie at the ritzy Cinepolis. The movie was The Last Jedi, and there isn’t much to tell, except for the reclining seats and waiters who brought food to our seats while we reclined in big chairs with tables and a small lamp at our sides, before aIMG_0499 big movie that I found very little to talk about. So, back to something much more exciting, Wood Canyon. I knew that I needed something more than Wood Canyon, which is lovely in itself. So about a mile in (most likely less), I took a side trail off to the right called Wood Creek Trail.

Wood Canyon:IMG_0502IMG_0512

Wood Creek trail is single track (my favorite) and runs up above Wood creek, therefore basically parallel to Wood Canyon Trail. It’s rocky. It’s shady. It’s a forest. It’s coastal with chaparral. It has views of Wood Canyon from above, and intimate views of Wood Creek not so far below. It really is so many things in one. There’s mushrooms growing in the wet dark places. And there’s prickly pear out with the chaparral. And then. Before you know it. You are at Wood Canyon again.

View of Wood Canyon from Wood Creek Trail:IMG_0519

More Views from Wood Creek Trail:


Can you tell that I love Wood Creek Trail? After that, I was ready to take on all of Wood Canyon and its mundaneness. Though, I am too harsh – Wood Canyon really isn’t that mundane. I came upon a majestic Great Blue Heron on the out and the back of my hike. I also came upon each stick on the ground cautiously thinking it could be a snake, but knowing snakes aren’t out this time of year (it’s just natural reflex because of the many, many times I have come up on rattlers on Wood Canyon trail). I also came upon so many other travelers of Wood Canyon on this particular hike. There were lots of cyclists, many hikers, and some runners. It was a beautiful day, a day whose stories interest me much more than a movie (though I do enjoy a movie too!)


Oh. I almost forgot! 7.08 miles. Smile

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