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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Eventually Arrived

Yesterday, I finally felt well enough to venture out for some activity. I opted for the gym. 1 hour on the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) and 1 hour on the cycle. I felt good and refreshed after finally getting some exercise. That was my test run on whether I could handle any strenuous activity. Next step, to hit the trails for a hike, which I did today around 3pm. I am still a somewhat ill, but it’s just really congestion and a slight cough. Starting off slowly (as in a short distance) was definitely my best bet. My route today was West Ridge in Aliso Viejo to Top of the World in Laguna Beach. It’s just a straight shot of rolling hills to the top – lots of people, both on feet and on bikes, plus a few little detours to add a tad bit more elevation. I felt strong the entire trip, granted it was only five miles. I am grateful that starting over doesn’t mean ACTUALLY starting over. Starting over at five miles is good.

Being that I took a ridge route, I didn’t see much wildlife, except for some birds, and a stinkbug or two. The snakes have all gone into hiding, and deer and wild cats are seldom seen up there. I did breathe in a gnat through my nose. That was uncomfortable. Overall though, I felt pretty comfortable for the entire trip. And I’m okay with not running even a single inch of it.


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Saturday, December 23, 2017


IMG_0177Back at the end of November (the 25th to be precise), I took on a 9.68 mile loop in the coastal hills (Newport Coast to be precise). And it was that loop that pretty much solidified that I’m not doing Calico this year. For Calico, I’ve got to basically do to of this loop twice. And that will probably kill me. But I didn’t quite cancel Calico yet.

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It was a beautiful day, off and on overcast, and plenty of cool breezes. But at about mile 7 or so, on a big climb out, I actually took a seat at the side of the trail and rested. RESTED. Oh well, it was all worth while nonetheless – got a little exercise, and I got to clear my mind.



After that fiasco (though only partially a fiasco), I put in short two mile runs here and there – a couple at the gym on the dreadmill, and a couple down at the harbor. Eventually, I decided to actually cancel my reservations for Calico. And when I did that, I lifted a huge weight of my shoulders. With my work coming to an end for winter recess, I was free to hit the trails stress free. Well, my last class was Wednesday night. Thursday morning, I woke up sick. Yup, that’s how things go. But at least my oldest son is home from college, and we are all together for the holidays. EVENTUALLY, I’m gonna make it out to the trails again. Eventually.

On one of my harbor runs: