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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wood Canyon Run

Rain fell lightly as I set out on Aliso Creek Trail for another trail run (rolling hills -- just like the P.T. said).  I was so happy to be out there, even in the rain. I was camera giddy, and clicked, clicked away, until I dropped my camera.  It was about then that I decided to screw my head on straight and focus.  Last thing I needed was another trail fall.

Coming into Aliso Canyon (Aliso Creek Trail), not my favorite trail, because .75 mi. is paved.  But today, so happy to be back, I loved this trail.
These little guys were all over the place, big ones, baby ones all making the trek across the road -- I didn't smash a one!

The Remaining .75 miles of Aliso Creek Trail -- actual trail, alongside green rolling hills 

I was pretty soaked turning onto Wood Canyon.  My ipod tucked beneath my clothing was safe, and I was glad that I brought a cap to shield my face from the rain.  The run up and down the relatively flat Wood Canyon however, was gorgeous.  I found it difficult at times though, having lost some of my trail training.  Still, I really couldn't have been happier.  I focused on form when I wasn't awestruck by my surroundings.  And when it got difficult I concentrated on this:  LOSE THE RESISTANCE!  I read in Chi Running that we tend to resist against everything, and if we would just stop resisting, running, life, anything that we find hard, would get a lot easier.  Well, I'll tell ya, it is hard to lose that resistance.  This is how I did it:  I chanted to myself, "No Resistance," and I relaxed my muscles, I imagined them soft, and suddenly I could feel my shoulders drop and my muscles down to my ankles relax.  And for that short period that I could accomplish this, my run literally got easy.  I couldn't hold this focus the entire run.  I'm hoping with practice, it will get easier. : )  Overall, the trail wasn't difficult, it was just on those minor inclines that I haven't run in so long. 

Creek Crossing on Wood Canyon Trail

Spring is in the Air (April Showers Bring May Flowers)

Sheltered From the Rain in the Foresty Parts of Wood Canyon Trail (toward end)

In all, 9 miles logged on Tuesday.  I walked and stretched for a good long cool down afterward.  No hip ache whatsoever on the run, and pretty much all of the day.  Except for when I did my hip exercises   : (  a stiffness, slight ache crept in.  I'm just so thrilled I got out there on Tuesday -- thrilled to make it to the trail before the real rain falls today. : )

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shoes Anyone?

I spend too much time looking for a matching pair of shoes on my way out for a run.  There's not even enough room in my closet for all my running/walking/hiking/gym shoes, in other words tennis shoes : )

So I dragged them all out from beneath the bed today, piled them high.  Now it's time to go through them and simplify life a bit.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still I Swagger : )

I set out fearful this morning for my first trail run in a month.  Yes -- the physical therapist said trails are okay, but only "rolling hills."  I was fearful of the ole' hip -- frankly, I'm tired of the injured hip CRAP (excuse my language)! 

I woke at 5:30 this Sunday morning, my usual weekday waking hour.  I usually sleep in until at LEAST 6:30 on weekends, maybe 7:30 if I push it (8:00, 8:30 on those really blissful days).  So, so leary about heading off, yet a bit giddy about my feet hitting dirt again, I was slow prepping.  Still dark out, I drank 1 and 1/2 cups of coffee, surfed the internet,  and dressed slowly, oh so slowly, carefully placing circular moleskins on my feet where the Salomons rubbed my feet raw in the Great Silverado Footrace. (I didn't by the way, wear Salomons this morning -- I wore my trustworthy New Balance)

Hitting the trail is one thing.  Hitting the trail with a group, is an entirely other thing.  Why?  Because, when I hit the dirt solo, I can take it super easy if I want to.  In other words, I don't put pressure on myself, besides KEEP THE MOMENTUM FORWARD.  When I hit the dirt with a group, I want to keep up with the pack.  Don't get me wrong . . . I can hang being left behind -- I really don't mind going solo.  I don't mind last place.  But if I'm gonna run with a group, especially if I've left my ipod behind, I oughta run with a group.

A larger than average crowd showed up for this "New Member Run".  There were 5 non-new members (Tom, Daniel, and myself, later joined by Dave and Maura who were on a much longer run), plus 4 new members (Linda, Sarah, Kathy and her husband Dave).

The group set off pretty quickly, leaving me little time to warm-up.  Sticking to the physical therapist's directions, I stayed behind to warm-up, hoping I'd catch up with the group later.  (I was hoping that I didn't regret leaving the ipod behind :)

That first hill was no "rolling hill."  Heck.  It was difficult and lovely anyway.  It wasn't "technical" thankfully for my hip. There were sandy parts and solid parts of this mostly well-groomed trail.  Still, I was quite reluctant -- I so feared an ache to the hip.

Being that I had to have my warm-up, the other runners got quite a good start on me.  I saw up ahead that the group broke in two -- a normal occurance for group runs.  (Sometimes they break into three with groups this size).  And then I could see up ahead, Dave and a blonde female join the second group (the female, I learned later was Maura -- whom I have read about and seen on blogs, but have never met).

ANYWAY, my goal was to catch up with the group.  And though I was slow in doing so, I actually caught them before the turnaround!  This core strengthening and sprints added to road runs has indeed increased my speed.  Before this hip injury, I really don't think that I would have caught up.  The hills however, they were quite difficult.  I'm hopeful to get them back (SOON).  So hopeful, that if things go good for my next "rolling hills" run, I just might defy the physical therapist and run to the Top of the World later this week.  Shhhhh.  Don't tell anyone. : ) 

Maybe, just maybe, I'm being too hopeful.  Heck.  I'm doing my exercises.  I'm getting stronger. 

Awesome to get out in the group again.  Great to see my running pal, Tom.  Great to see Dave again.  Great to meet runners new to the group.  (Feels like I've been away for ages : ( -- yet it's only been a little over a month!)

Coming in after the five mile out-and-back, Quail Hill Trail, Irvine,  (Dave, me, Maura, Kathy -- photo courtesy Tom.)
Quail Hill In The Spring

Miles logged on this Palm Sunday:  5.0

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barely Standing

Feeling rushed to increase mileage, I hit the pavement about 9:15 AM.  With the marathon three weeks away, pressure mounts.  At least it was this morning.  I wanted TWENTY miles.  In my heart, I knew I didn't have the time.  But in my heart, given the time, I thought I could do it. 

The morning started off cold and breezy, and that was a delight.  I didn't feel so strong, but I have this cold that's hanging on.  And maybe I shouldn't have taken that cold medicine this morning.  And then there were the negative thoughts floating about this wacky brain of mine -- two of them precisely, some worries (minor ones really, but annoying nonetheless) that I had no answers for.

Anyway, I flushed away the worries and worked on focusing on form.  And when I wasn't doing that, I made sure to think about NOTHING, which is kinda like focusing on form.  Because when I think about nothing, I just feel, and feeling or sensing form is pretty dang close to focusing on it.

I'd say the first ten miles went pretty good.  And then I made that second loop around the island.  That's when my energy seeped away.  Actually, seeped is too slow of a word -- it's more like it rapidly escaped.  I felt like I really couldn't run another step.  I took in some calories, some electrolytes and managed to plug through another five and a half miles.  But it was pretty much hell.  My legs actually began cramping, which is absolutely unheard of on flat, road runs in the spring.  I was pissed to say the least, and finished this run feeling defeated, afraid that there's no way that I'm going to be able to run a marathon in three weeks.

The rest of the day was solemn.  I did my physical therapy exercises in the evening and felt a slight ache in my hip.  That certainly didn't set my mood straight. 

I guess every day can't be jolly.

Tomorrow I swim.

Miles logged: 15.5 miles

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still I Stand

Almost recovered from this illness, I said, heck with it, and went for a quick marina run this morning.  My breathing was a little off (which is quite rare).  Time was short, so I was sure to add a few sprints.  I ran the entire 5.76 miles with a smile on my face (which explains why it seemed like everyone was smiling at me -- they were just returning the smile : )

Yes, I am a nerd.

Camera phone:  running on the island, the mouth of the harbor up ahead, rock jetty to right

Off the island, approaching small pier where visitors dock, and Marine Institute in background

Past the Marine Institute, the smallest strip of beach in town (The Headlands above and in distance)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Run or Not to Run with a Cold

I went to Disneyland Friday night with a sore throat.  The trip however, was well worth it, having fun with the boys.  I got drenched on Splash  Mountain.  My clothes were still wet when we arrived home just before midnight.  Woke up Saturday even sicker.  Knowing Sunday was my run day, I napped and got to bed pretty early.  Even with the extra rest, I was still on the go, go, go as I usually am, but not as much.  I did not neglect my physical therapy exercises, and I even fit in an "easy" day at the gym.   

Sunday morning, I woke feeling a little better.  Then after some breakfast and Theraflu Severe Cold I felt just fine, perfectly fine, in fact.  I read somewhere, a long time ago, in some magazine or on some website that I cannot recall, that it's okay to run with a cold, but not okay with the flu.  And so, I laced up those running shoes and headed out the door at high noon. 

Skies were overcast in my beach town.  The air was cool, almost cold, and breezy.  I included my warm ups and cool downs and focused on form as I ran through Doheny, Capo Beach, the wharf and much of the marina.  I still felt strong, which is proof, in my mind, that I am successfully strengthening my core (though I still have plenty more to go).  Best of all:  NO HIP PAIN. 

Back at home, I did a few chores, then prompty fell asleep on the couch for two hours.  I woke miserable, cold and sweaty, the medicine having worn off.  Everyone here says that I shouldn't have run.  But I read somewhere, that it was okay to run with a cold : ))

Miles logged this afternoon:  8.36

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Increasing Mileage

I have a short time here to increase mileage, being that I've got a marathon coming up mid-April.  My progress plans went down the toilet the end of December.  I haven't run a twenty plus mile since January 2nd.  Plan is now, increase mileage as much as I can, without injury.  Without injury, without injury, without injury!  Then go for it and run those 26.2 miles, even if I don't get a twenty plus mile in before then (though I'm hoping on at least one). 

Oddly, this hip injury could be the best thing that has happened to my running.  Why?  Because I learned firsthand how important core strength is (& I've already experienced the benefits).  I learned how important warm-ups and cool downs are.  I used to warm-up by running slowly, and my cool-down consisted of merely stretching.  Now I've added briskly walking for ten minutes to both the warm-up and cool-down periods.  And  I've learned some good exercises from physical therapy.  And what do I get from all this?  STRENGTH.

My run this morning (flat run!) was strong. (And I by the way, wore shorts!)   I ran in and out of every crevice of Doheny and Capo Beaches (where I passed that train above), the campgroup loop four times, the wharf a couple times, the island, and all along the marina.  The weather was warm, though a slight cool breeze blew around the marina waters that did wonders for me, not to mention the dozen or more drinking fountains along the way.  The whole run did wonders actually.

Miles logged today:  14.29.  I aimed for fifteen, but 14+ is good.  I simply cut it a bit short, because I still had things to do at home.

Felt great back at home.  I had a few blisters on my feet, which is an entirely new thing for me.  Never happened before.  Iced the hips (the injured and non-injured).  Then as evening approached, oh about 6:00 PM as I ran in high heel shoes to make my son's concert (I made it in the exact second they played the first note : ),  my feet took quite a beating in the blistered area.  About 8:00 my hip began to ache and stiffness set in.  After my physical therapy exercises and stretches, the ache was gone. (I suppose I'm still not 100% back yet)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Good Day to Run in Pants

I went for my run this morning in pants.  Mainly because it has been so cold lately, and also before I was a trail runner and ran only roads, I wore pants.  I put them on today out of habit.  Needless to say, I was exasperated by the heat.  I even changed my route to avoid the sun as much as possible.  It was 86 degrees, I hear.  EIGHTY SIX. 

I'm not complaining really.  I swore to never wear pants to run again, and enjoyed my carefree run.  I added a few sprints, experienced no pain whatsoever, most importantly in the hip.  I passed plenty of drinking fountains throughout the marina, made sure to run the shady sidewalks.  And then to my delight, I saw a friend that I basically haven't seen since I started trail running (we used to pass each other at the marina all the time). 

Actually, I didn't see her at all.  In fact, I ran right past her, my earphones blaring. Then ever so faintly, I heard, "Lauren!  Lauren!  Is that you?"

Nowadays when I hear someone say, "Lauren," I don't even flinch.  It seems like every third little girl is named Lauren.  Growing up, I was the only Lauren I knew.  Well, not exactly.  There was Lauren Bacall, Lorne Greene and a boy named Loren in my high school class.  So, today, it was almost like a dream, someone faintly hollaring, "Lauren."  I'm not sure why I suddenly halted and turned around.  But I did.

I love coming across people I haven't seen in a long, long time.  It's one of my delights on this earth.  We chatted for a few minutes, she put back on her headphones, I put mine back on, she continued her walk, I continued my run.  Just like the old days (well, not that old -- I've only been running trails since June '08, and didn't almost entirely give up road runs until last June).

Miles logged this hot, hot morning:  8.66 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Shy of Exclaiming -- I'm Back.

Sunday morning, time for a longish run -- it was difficult to get going due to the time change (Spring forward : )

I followed PT orders with a ten minute warm-up.  That is, I WALKED down Highway One (a gradual hill that I am forbidden to run for the time being).  The weather was cold, cold, cold, and being that I was WALKING, made it even more difficult to get these old bones warm.  I wanted to cross the highway to walk the sunny side.  But I was spooked by an drunken old guy who mumbling loudly, stumbled a few steps forward then one step back.  It was 7:50 AM, and I had to wonder whether he had been drinking all night or did he just start early AM?  Sad to see.

As soon as I hit flat ground I took off running.  Slow to start, I ran into Doheny Beach's main entrance, happy to see that today was the Grunion 5k Run.  And I was running on the course!  I didn't see any runners, but off in the distance I noticed an empty start/finish line, so I knew they were out there somewhere.

Much to my amazement, I warmed up less than a mile into my run.  Was it the physical therapy, the planks, or the ten minute walk? Perhaps all.  I've written several times that it usually takes me about four miles to warm up (terribly long, I now realize after Sunday's run).  With a smile on my face I headed on, adding three sprints (okayed by PT) over the next mile or so. 

On the bridge over San Juan Creek, the 5k's front runner made his way toward me -- a delight to see.  As I've mentioned before, it's a rare thing for me to see the front runners.  This guy was a good minute in front of the next runner.  In fact, the first five or so runners were surprisingly spread out.  I studied their forms.  None of them had the swinging left to right arms that I see so often.  All of them kept their torso's facing forward too (no twisting) and most seemed to have relaxed limbs.  Around runner #6 was the first female; the next few in a row in fact were women. 

About that time, I turned into the campground to run my regular loop.  It was full this Sunday morning, bacon sizzling over campfires.  People shuffled along in pajamas, puffing their first cigarettes of the day or holding mugs of steamy coffee.  I was going to run that second loop that I normally add, but I just had to get back out on the race course.  I love the excitement of a race.  And I love how people get out there, especially those who find it most difficult, to conquer the 5k.  (I remember how very difficult it was for me the first several times and how I so feared the dreaded DFL -- last place : (

Then the first large cluster of runners passed by me, followed by a few stragglers, then another large cluster (which I noticed plenty of twisting bodies).  Then the runners thinned out again, with the walkers pulling up the end.  I passed their turnaround point and continued on into Capo Beach.  I felt strong, amazingly strong.  My trunk felt solid, my legs and arms, so, so light.  More importantly, I felt absolutely no hip pain, no ache, no stiffness.

I ran until the side walk ended and made my way back to Doheny, running along the boardwalk with other racers, the finish line up ahead.  I turned off about fifty yards before crossing it, ran onto the grass, around the bathrooms with three or more other runners who did the same. 

Out of Doheny, I ran the road down to the jetty, past a dozen or so longboarders in their wetsuits waiting for that wave to ride in.  Fishermen, and one woman had their lines cast into the marina waters beneath sunny blue skies.  Though my gloves were now tucked into my belt, it was still pretty cold out, with a mild breeze. 

I made all my usual turns, through the wharf, which was lined again with artists and their paintings.  Sunday was the last day of The Festival of the Whales.  Old Woodies lined the grass along the harbor, brand new Fords were out for display too.  Concession stands lined the parking lot at "Baby Beach" just past the makeshift pancake breakfast restaurant. 

I ran every crevice, most of them twice, ending this run with one last short sprint to make the light at the crosswalk.  Then as directed I didn't run up Golden Lantern, instead I walked it and back home briskly for my cool down. 

Great run.

Miles logged:  12.27

Friday, March 12, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Physical Therapy today.  After a recap of my runs, etc., these are the words of wisdom descended upon me.

1)  NO HILLS.  (So, I guess I goofed there.  I thought just as long as I felt no pain, and the terrain, that is horizontally, was flat, that I was okay).  Not.

2)  NO TRAILS.  I haven't run any trails since therapy began.  But I've been aching to.  So, I asked today, what about FLAT trails?  Answer:  No.

3)  PLANKS -- YES.  I can do reversed crunches if I want to, but Planks are really where it's at!

Felt pretty good after PT.  Hip ached quite a bit about 2 hours later.  Now, it's back to normal -- that is, no pain, unless I tweak it.  : )  And so, I won't tweak it.

Miles logged today:  0
Yards swam:  2,250

: )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Hair Brain Idea?

Thursdays has been a running day for a long time.  So when I got word of an emergency meeting (re: work), I didn't fret too long.  I couldn't run tonight.  I had to work, after that, it was off to my son's orchestra practice.  My only choice:  simply run to the meeting.

My husband said it was a "hair brain" idea.


So did my son.

Double hmph.

I stuffed my glasses, a pen and some paper, plus my phone into my belt, glad that I came up with such a good idea.  : )  Out the door, I began my run uphill, a pretty tough climb.  Afterwards I ran downhill toward Insterstate 5 (even stopped in to see my youngest and husband at preschool).  After crossing over the river, I ran the road that runs between the interstate and the railroad tracks -- the car dealership ghost town.  And then the run got pretty tough -- tough as in, the road was not runner friendly.  The sidewalk ended and cars raced by at high speeds as I ran on an uneven gravel portion closer to the tracks. 

I made it to the district office with twenty minutes to spare.  Plenty of time to stretch, drink and rinse off my face before heading on in.  I don't really care if people think I'm crazy.  There was one guy a the meeting who congratulated me.  He saw me running by the car dealers as he drove in. 

I decided not to take the same route home.  My plan, hop onto the bike trail and run it on into Doheny beach (I don't call it the "bike trail" usually.  I call it the  "river walk," because it's a paved trail that runs up above San Juan Creek, which is sometimes a river.  Absolutely no one else calls it the "river walk," though.  I get laughs in fact when I call it that).

I guzzled down at the water fountain in a park that overlooks the creek, then headed toward the ocean.  But it turned out that the bridge that crosses the river (creek) was closed.  I headed back into San Juan Capistrano, and ran a much longer route home.  I got to pass my boy's elementary school and finally climbed back toward home as I passed my son's preschool.

I arrived home rather tired, but HAPPY.  Happy for no pain in the hip!

Miles logged this morning:   9.15

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gettin' Better (I hope I am, I hope I am . . . )

I've been doing my physical therapy exercises daily.  And I've ever so slowly been adding core exercises (like planks and reverse crunches.)  Yesterday, I set out for a road run, a little leary.  The wind blew hard as my feet hit the pavement.  I cringed, bracing for the worst.  But I was pleasantly, no . . .  more than pleasantly, more like exhilerated over the fact that I felt no pain, not even an ache in my hip.  I was afraid though, because I could still feel that my hip wasn't right.  It felt weak, as if I was recovering from an accident (in a way, I guess, I was). 

Believe me, I was oh so careful not even to twist in the wrong way.  I focused on posture and form, and gingerly stepped off curbs.  I didn't even cut across the grass woven with thick roots in fear that I'd step on one of those roots and jar my hip.  Didn't touch the sand, just stayed on that pavement for the whole, windy, windy run along the wharf and beaches.
For sure I'm healing.  The trick is, to keep it up.

Miles logged on Tuesday morning:  7.26.  But I feel sad when I look off yonder at those green hills calling out my name. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time to Give it a Try

I woke this morning with no hip pain.  I did my physical therapy exercises and stretches.  And being that I had to go to the post office anyway, I thought I'd take a little run.  I headed out in running pants, and a hoodie, zipped to my neck.  Gray skies, it was breezy and pretty cold.  But my hip felt fine.  And oh, about three blocks after taking off, I had that bright yellow hoodie off my shoulders and tied around my waist. 

Flat runs are difficult to come by in my town -- unless I drive down to the marina.  So I ran some minor hills out of the neighborhood, headed toward the sound of live music downtown.  With the roads closed into the town center, I realized that today was Festival of the Wales!  I ran on into the plaza, delighted.  Making eye contact with the band's lead singer, he waved at me as I ran  into the crowd.  The plaza was lined with vendors --different foods, arts and crafts, businesses advertising.

Out of the plaza, I ran across Pacific Coast Highway to the post office.  I crossed the highway and ran the cliff neighborhoods.  I just couldn't take it anymore; my body practically steered itself down the big hill to the marina.  There was a slight ache in my hip, not actual pain, so I figured it was okay.  Definately nowhere near a "2" on a scale of "1 to 10." 

Down at the marina, artists displayed their paintings along the sidewalk as crowds mingled about.  There were face painters, balloon twisters -- all sorts of interesting talents.  I squeezed through, making my way toward the wharf where I was met by another rock n' roll band.  Then I ran through the dry dock to make my way to the jetty -- a run up that road and back was an easy 1/2 mile addition to this run.   Fisherman threw a multitude of lines out into the harbor waters by the jetty.  And a great number of our city's homeless were camped out there as well.  As I ran through, an elderly, seemingly stinkin' drunk man (who could have been homeless) hollared at me, "You're lagging!  You're lagging," all the while shaking his finger and smiling at me with a toothless grin.  I thought to myself, "I know!  I'm doing it on purpose."

I kept up my leisurely pace back to the main road, a little concerned about running the big hill back.  Surprisingly, I took it no problem.  And the hip ached no worse.

Sorry about the hills Doc.  But they were nothing compared to what I'm used to.  And the PT said, "nothing that causes pain."  And the hills didn't cause me pain.  Really. 

Miles logged:  4.0

Back at home:  plenty of stretching, ice and more ice, and something new -- planks! 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Physical Therapy

I went to my first physical therapy session yesterday.  First ever.  It felt odd.  Like I didn't belong there; I was "out of my league."  I'm 45-years-old for goodness sake.  I've got three boys, a husband, a house to clean, laundry and meals to make.  I've got a teaching job and dreams of becoming a published novelist.  Yet, there I was, laying on a table while Kevin (my therapist) poked and proded every muscle to pinpoint just which ones were injured.  He found them all right -- three of them, in my left hip, just under my IT band.


After pinpointing that, he stretched my legs (more so than I ever do), and "rubbed" out my muscles (I don't know what it's called, but it's like a deep, hard massaging).  I did some exercises, had some electrodes attached to the hip with a comfortable pillow-like sack of ice over the injury.  It all lasted an hour and a half exactly.

Like I said.  This was my first time.  I don't even know the words to adequately describe the session.  I know that I felt better afterwards -- looser, but even more so, hopeful.  I felt hopeful that my running aspirations for the year might be met. 

It seems kinda ridiculous that I have running aspirations.  I mean, this is my hobby.  No, it's something more than my hobby.  "Hobby" just seems like the closest word to describe it right now.  What are my running aspirations for the year?  I'm not going to do the 20 races like 2009.  Instead, I just want Calico (check), Silverado footrace (check) and 3 marathons.  In addition to the 3 marathons, I'm aiming for my first 50k. 

Both my doctor and Kevin seemed optimistic about me running the marathon mid-April.  "But now is the time for healing," Kevin warned.  I am under direction to do nothing that causes pain in my hip -- even flat runs.  On the way out, I asked "What if I have only a little pain, can I run?"

"Only a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, then you can," he said.  "But DON'T RUN 12 MILES.  Run 3."

I laughed outloud.

"Long distance runners," he chuckled.  "You're all the same!"

Long distance runner?  That is remarkably odd to me.  I'm no long distance runner.  I'm a dreamer, a drifter of sorts, an escape artist who happens along the way, to chalk up the miles.  That's who I am.

I do have every intention of following doctor's and therapist's orders though.  And so when I woke this morning, and I actually felt pain in my left hip, I chucked my running plans (I went to the gym in the evening, and even chucked the abductor and adductor weights AS ORDERED).  And though I worked-out an hour and a half, I did nothing that caused pain in my hip.

Miles logged today:  0
Therapy orders followed:  100%

ps.  some funny things today:
1)  My 8-year-old boy went for a run today because he was feeling agitated.  He said it makes him feel better to run.
2)  My 10-year-old boy said to me, "Mom, those other runners, they're running FREAKS."  He was giving me a pep talk about following doctor's orders. : )       

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Well, the redness on my hip turned to welts, and the welts grew, moving further down my hip. It was time. Time to finally see the doctor. The welts subsided a great deal by the time I made it in. The news is good -- I've got an overuse injury that turned into a strain. He also said that I'm pretty lucky sliding down those slippery hills (leaning into my hip) on Saturday, that I didn't herniate a disc. Good thing. Doctor's orders are: no hill running whatsoever and physical therapy. Good news is, flat running is okay.


Well, I am bummed about the no trails thing. I can hang though. I can hang.

The good doctor of course said nothing about mileage. He knows about my marathon mid April, so I kinda figured he knew I want mileage. : )

And so on this beautiful day, after getting all the boys off to school, I drove down to the marina. The skies were full of grand clouds, the sun peering out here and there. The weather was deliciously cool.


My hip ached for the first couple miles. At the campground when I stopped for water, I stretched. Every fountain after that, I stretched some more. Eventually, I ran carefree with no ache. And I would have kept on running had I not needed to get home and do some chores before getting ready for work.

I won't deliberate on this run any longer, except to say,

Miles logged: 11.71

And oh yes, I couldn't resist with the camera phone.

Capistrano Beach -- we call it "Capo" around here (because we don't like talkin' much)

A lot of folk consider this "Capo", but it's actually the far end of Doheny. AND THIS IS THE ASPHALT PARKING LOT : ) We had us a little tsunami the day of the Silverado Footrace.

Lupin! Lovely Lupin.

ps. I so much want to run tomorrow. I'm holding back though, don't want to push too hard. Besides, tomorrow physical therapy begins.