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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wood Canyon Run

Rain fell lightly as I set out on Aliso Creek Trail for another trail run (rolling hills -- just like the P.T. said).  I was so happy to be out there, even in the rain. I was camera giddy, and clicked, clicked away, until I dropped my camera.  It was about then that I decided to screw my head on straight and focus.  Last thing I needed was another trail fall.

Coming into Aliso Canyon (Aliso Creek Trail), not my favorite trail, because .75 mi. is paved.  But today, so happy to be back, I loved this trail.
These little guys were all over the place, big ones, baby ones all making the trek across the road -- I didn't smash a one!

The Remaining .75 miles of Aliso Creek Trail -- actual trail, alongside green rolling hills 

I was pretty soaked turning onto Wood Canyon.  My ipod tucked beneath my clothing was safe, and I was glad that I brought a cap to shield my face from the rain.  The run up and down the relatively flat Wood Canyon however, was gorgeous.  I found it difficult at times though, having lost some of my trail training.  Still, I really couldn't have been happier.  I focused on form when I wasn't awestruck by my surroundings.  And when it got difficult I concentrated on this:  LOSE THE RESISTANCE!  I read in Chi Running that we tend to resist against everything, and if we would just stop resisting, running, life, anything that we find hard, would get a lot easier.  Well, I'll tell ya, it is hard to lose that resistance.  This is how I did it:  I chanted to myself, "No Resistance," and I relaxed my muscles, I imagined them soft, and suddenly I could feel my shoulders drop and my muscles down to my ankles relax.  And for that short period that I could accomplish this, my run literally got easy.  I couldn't hold this focus the entire run.  I'm hoping with practice, it will get easier. : )  Overall, the trail wasn't difficult, it was just on those minor inclines that I haven't run in so long. 

Creek Crossing on Wood Canyon Trail

Spring is in the Air (April Showers Bring May Flowers)

Sheltered From the Rain in the Foresty Parts of Wood Canyon Trail (toward end)

In all, 9 miles logged on Tuesday.  I walked and stretched for a good long cool down afterward.  No hip ache whatsoever on the run, and pretty much all of the day.  Except for when I did my hip exercises   : (  a stiffness, slight ache crept in.  I'm just so thrilled I got out there on Tuesday -- thrilled to make it to the trail before the real rain falls today. : )

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