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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barely Standing

Feeling rushed to increase mileage, I hit the pavement about 9:15 AM.  With the marathon three weeks away, pressure mounts.  At least it was this morning.  I wanted TWENTY miles.  In my heart, I knew I didn't have the time.  But in my heart, given the time, I thought I could do it. 

The morning started off cold and breezy, and that was a delight.  I didn't feel so strong, but I have this cold that's hanging on.  And maybe I shouldn't have taken that cold medicine this morning.  And then there were the negative thoughts floating about this wacky brain of mine -- two of them precisely, some worries (minor ones really, but annoying nonetheless) that I had no answers for.

Anyway, I flushed away the worries and worked on focusing on form.  And when I wasn't doing that, I made sure to think about NOTHING, which is kinda like focusing on form.  Because when I think about nothing, I just feel, and feeling or sensing form is pretty dang close to focusing on it.

I'd say the first ten miles went pretty good.  And then I made that second loop around the island.  That's when my energy seeped away.  Actually, seeped is too slow of a word -- it's more like it rapidly escaped.  I felt like I really couldn't run another step.  I took in some calories, some electrolytes and managed to plug through another five and a half miles.  But it was pretty much hell.  My legs actually began cramping, which is absolutely unheard of on flat, road runs in the spring.  I was pissed to say the least, and finished this run feeling defeated, afraid that there's no way that I'm going to be able to run a marathon in three weeks.

The rest of the day was solemn.  I did my physical therapy exercises in the evening and felt a slight ache in my hip.  That certainly didn't set my mood straight. 

I guess every day can't be jolly.

Tomorrow I swim.

Miles logged: 15.5 miles

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