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Friday, March 12, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Physical Therapy today.  After a recap of my runs, etc., these are the words of wisdom descended upon me.

1)  NO HILLS.  (So, I guess I goofed there.  I thought just as long as I felt no pain, and the terrain, that is horizontally, was flat, that I was okay).  Not.

2)  NO TRAILS.  I haven't run any trails since therapy began.  But I've been aching to.  So, I asked today, what about FLAT trails?  Answer:  No.

3)  PLANKS -- YES.  I can do reversed crunches if I want to, but Planks are really where it's at!

Felt pretty good after PT.  Hip ached quite a bit about 2 hours later.  Now, it's back to normal -- that is, no pain, unless I tweak it.  : )  And so, I won't tweak it.

Miles logged today:  0
Yards swam:  2,250

: )

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