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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Well, the redness on my hip turned to welts, and the welts grew, moving further down my hip. It was time. Time to finally see the doctor. The welts subsided a great deal by the time I made it in. The news is good -- I've got an overuse injury that turned into a strain. He also said that I'm pretty lucky sliding down those slippery hills (leaning into my hip) on Saturday, that I didn't herniate a disc. Good thing. Doctor's orders are: no hill running whatsoever and physical therapy. Good news is, flat running is okay.


Well, I am bummed about the no trails thing. I can hang though. I can hang.

The good doctor of course said nothing about mileage. He knows about my marathon mid April, so I kinda figured he knew I want mileage. : )

And so on this beautiful day, after getting all the boys off to school, I drove down to the marina. The skies were full of grand clouds, the sun peering out here and there. The weather was deliciously cool.


My hip ached for the first couple miles. At the campground when I stopped for water, I stretched. Every fountain after that, I stretched some more. Eventually, I ran carefree with no ache. And I would have kept on running had I not needed to get home and do some chores before getting ready for work.

I won't deliberate on this run any longer, except to say,

Miles logged: 11.71

And oh yes, I couldn't resist with the camera phone.

Capistrano Beach -- we call it "Capo" around here (because we don't like talkin' much)

A lot of folk consider this "Capo", but it's actually the far end of Doheny. AND THIS IS THE ASPHALT PARKING LOT : ) We had us a little tsunami the day of the Silverado Footrace.

Lupin! Lovely Lupin.

ps. I so much want to run tomorrow. I'm holding back though, don't want to push too hard. Besides, tomorrow physical therapy begins.

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