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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loosen Up Run

I drove down to the marina for a loosen-up run this afternoon.  I was feeling a bit stiff after the Silverado Footrace.  Mainly my shoulders and upper back ached. 

There was not a parking spot to be found, so I parked across the street and ran into the wharf.  The skies were blue, pelicans hung out on the boat ramps.  People lined the walkway with luggage in their hands for a trip to Catalina.   I felt good, light on my feet.  Then somewhere after crossing onto the island, at about mile three, a shrieking pain suddenly hit my hip.  I didn't shriek.  My hip did.  It felt like someone had stabbed me there with a knife and was twisting it as I ran.  I stopped to stretch, walked a few steps, then took off running again.  Stopped to stretch a couple more times and ran all the way back to my car.

Miles logged:  3.61

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