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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Racing Hikers

The weather was cold this morning, dark and cloudy with little spots of brilliant blue poking through.  I ran through Canyon Vistas Park carrying a full Dasani water -- can't find the strap for my handheld in this house.  I suppose it will show up come spring cleaning : ) 

Cholla was tough but I made it on a full run.  Westridge has some ups and downs which makes the climbing a bit easier -- except for the end, which is climb, climb, climb.  About that point, I saw three blonde hikers off in the distance (all dressed in black), and I had it in my mind to pass them.  They had nearly completed their climb and were well on their way to Top of the World.  As I gained on the three, it got so close to the top that I figured that I wouldn't make it there first.  At that very last dip, I lost sight of the three women, and then there they were, practically right in front of me, with mere yards to the finish.  So, I sprinted on past them and laughed at myself for racing three hikers who didn't even know they were in a race.

I stretched at the Top of the World, looked down at the Laguna Beach and a gray Pacific Ocean.  My mood was tranquil.  The run back was delightful.  Small streaks of sun broke through the clouds to shine on the parts of the lush canyon below.  I admired its beauty.

I ran on back into the park, stretched a good deal then headed off to the gym for some light weights, oblivious to the e-mail awaiting me from my work that would throw the whole day off. 

Not out of work, just getting played (politics!)  Anyone know who's hiring in the O.C.? 

Miles logged this morning:  6.0

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