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Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Again

Feeling anxious over work-related issues, I hit the dirt in Aliso and Wood Canyons park on Thursday morning, a little later than expected.  I posted the run, so hopefully, I didn't miss anyone -- I'm sorry if I did.  About half-way to the park, I realized I forgot my water, and being that I had planned to run my butt off to help wash away this anxiety, I was gonna need my water. 

Well, it worked!  By the time I reached the top of Meadows Trail, anxiety gone.  I was feeling dang good (aching hip and all).  This is the route I ran:  I took the 1 1/2 mile Aliso Creek Trail, turned onto Wood Canyon Trail for just a tad.  Then I ran onto the trail to the left, Meadows Trail, which doesn't start climbing until about a half a mile in.  Everything was green, and the weather was cool.  I decided to photo document the climb up Meadows, with very quick stops to click, for those who have not yet experienced Meadows.  It's a wonderful trail, but quite gruelling for me.  After reaching Top of the World, I took the paved path to the dirt trail that runs behind the homes.  Then I ran up onto the street, where I ran about 3/4 miles to Westridge.  After running up and down Westridge (believe me, though this is the easier direction to take Westridge, it is still a little difficult in places -- but oh so fun :)  I ran Westridge to the end and ran down Cholla Trail (glory, glory!).  Then I ran Wood Canyon Trail in its entirety, relishing the shady parts, as I was already crusted with salt.  From Wood Canyon Trail, I took a left back onto Aliso Creek Trail and ran that last 1 1/2 miles into the ranger station, dead-dog-tired.  Wonderful.

Meadows Trail Pictorial:

The climb begins slowly . . .

So pretty and green

Running higher up Meadows Trail, looking back

Higher and higher (looking back again)

About here is when I don't think about the top AT ALL.

Climbing higher still, looking back, Aliso Creek Trail so far away.

Almost there!

OMG, I have got to be ALMOST THERE.

And it is finished . . . TO THE TOP AT LAST.  Hey!  Is that Stonehenge???

It was a delightful run in Aliso Wood Canyons Park on Thursday.  Green grass everywhere.  The beginnings of spring flowers are sprouting.  11.64 miles ran in total.  I felt so much better about the rest of the day.

First spring flowers I've seen this year (spotted on Wood Canyon Trail)

I can't help myself -- one last picture from Wood Canyon Trail

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