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Friday, February 12, 2010

Give it a Rest.

Had just about a half hour spare time on Thursday.  So, I hit the pavement once more at the marina.  Seems two days in a row on pavement was not good for the hip.  It ached the entire short run.  Dang it.  Funny, I enjoyed the run still.  Up and over to the island, blue skies, pelicans hanging out at the back doors of restaurants -- it was all there, even the blonde squirrels scurryring about the jetty rocks.  Can't beat that.

But I can.  Heal this hip I say!

Miles logged Thursday: 3.66

Though I had plenty time on Friday, I did not run.  I wanted to -- my favorite local trails are open.  But I gave it a rest -- nah . . . not really.  I spent a couple hours in the gym, during which half of that time, I swam laps.  I have to say it was wonderful, yes because of the low impact, but mainly because of the fact that I simply cannot think about anything when I swim laps.  Otherwise I lose count.  And I don't want to lose count.  : )  (Swam 2,050 yards)

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