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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Run or Not to Run.

It was gonna rain; it wasn't gonna rain.  I thought, "Heck, I'll give my hip a rest," and I thought, "Waaa, I wanna run." 

I dressed for a run just in case.  I thought I'd do a flat road run, then changed to a flat trail run . . . but if I did rain, off to the gym I'd go.  It's hard for me not to know exactly what I'm gonna do.  : )

Turns out the skies were gray and cloudy when I dropped my baby off at preschool -- but no rain dropped from those clouds.  Last minute, I decided to jumpstart out of these blues by running to the Top of the World in Laguna Beach.  But I was only gonna take the short route (5.9 miles round trip).  Uhhh . . . well, I think I can blame this on my husband, because when I phoned him with my plans to run to the Top of the World from Canyon Vistas Park, he said this:  "And you're gonna run across over to Meadows and come back that way?"

Hmmm . . .  "Maybe," I said.  "I just might."  Being that I am the planner, I actually decided right then and there: If my hip does not hurt, I'm running the loop!

No camelback, not even a handheld, I guzzled a bottle of water in the car, and because I just can't run with a regular bottle of water (ie. no strap), I ran toward Cholla Trail holding an empty Dasani bottle.  I took Cholla Trail much stronger than last time I ran it.  By the time I reached the top, I was dang glad for having changed out of my fleece shirt at the car in exchange for a t-shirt (my Bulldog T :)

Westridge was a delight, and difficult, and downright cold -- perfect running weather when you don't have water.  I reached the Top of the World, triumphantly.  Off in the distance fog hovered over the Pacific Ocean, as I guzzled down at the fountain.  I saw Cathy running down into the park (she was again doing the opposite loop).  After guzzling down some more from the fountain, I stretched, filled my Dasani bottle and took off through the neighborhoods to meet up with one of my favorite trails about a mile away -- Meadows. 

The descent was joyous.  Our storms had hardened the dirt and left deep crevices.  My right ankle felt a little weak too -- perhaps because the downhill run had less give than usual.  I pondered how I might strengthen my ankle and made a mental note to google it at home.  I didn't begin to tire a great deal until I hit Wood Canyon Trail.  Usually when I make it to Wood Canyon, I've got just 1 1/2 miles to the car (because I usually park at the ranger station).  But today, about 5 miles remained of the loop, and that took a bit of my mental power.  Just a bit though, not enough to stop me from finishing this run all the way to the end.

Miles logged today:  9.65

Injury report:  Though a couple hours later, my hip ached more than usual, it's back to it's current state, stiff and slightly achey.  Again, no better or worse from running. 

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