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Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Trail Again

Wednesday, I figured I'd check out the hip and go for a nice flat run.  "No Camera," I wagged my finger at myself.  I only had a little time to fit in this run.  Parking down at the marina,  I made my way through the wharf -- empty of customers, by the way.  Ran through the marina, plenty of walkers about, and made may way up and over the bridge to the island.  My hip ached some, nothing terrible.  I stretched it out a couple times.  Back at home, I iced off and on, until I had to get off to work.

Miles logged on Wednesday:  5.2

Ends up my hip stays about the same whether or not I run.  In fact, it seems to get better right after I run.  So, I thought that today was as good as any to get back to the trail.  I told myself, "no camera" again, but at the last minute thought "what if I see something extraordinary?"  You never know!  So I tucked it in my belt with the promise to leave it alone and focus on the run.

I also told myself that I'd just run and see how I felt, figure out the route as I went.  Not two steps away from the car I decided that I was going to the top.  I've done it dozens of times, should be no problem eh? 


The weather was perfectly cool as I ran through the canyons.  And my hip felt perfectly fine.  I stopped at the entrance to Wood Canyon, stretched, again, not even a stiffness.  Wonderful.  It looked like my only problem this morning was going to be energy.  I lacked it.

The trail was wet, in places downright muddy.  Green grass sprouted all over the place.  And I saw one of the blue herons up a ways from his usual spot.  The little plank walkway across the creek was washed up the trail some.  I guess that stream got flowin' pretty good during our storms.  I saw the woman (who I learned today is named Cathy) that usually runs the opposite loop, and she suggested that we carry that walkway back to the creek.  A little concerned over my hip, we got it back in place without a glitch.

My friend, the Blue Heron (He's not trying to get away from me; he's posing : )

I reached the end of Wood Canyon Trail (approx. 4.5 miles in) quite tired.  Frankly, I was a little surprised, being that I had been taking my run nice and easy.  I ran up Cholla Trail EXHAUSTED.  Utterly.  And I made my way up and down Westridge, pushed on by the fact that I could see "Top of the World."  If I hadn't been able to view it, I might have turned around and walked back.

 From Westridge, looking back at snow capped San Gabriel Mountains

I saw Cathy at the "Top of the World," and ran across the neighborhoods to enter Aliso Wood Cyns park again, for a breathtaking downhill run on Meadows Trail.  I took that last trail in at a sluggish pace.  After cool down and nice long stretch, face crusted with salt, I was pleased to report -- no pain in the hip.  I of course, iced back at home nonetheless.  In class tonight though, my hip ached again.  But no more or less than if I hadn't run.  So, I'm glad I ran.  So there  : )

Reaching "Top of the World" looking back at hiker coming up Westridge

Looking forward to descending on Meadows (I believe last time I was here -- it was brown)

Back on the Trail!!
 Facing Meadows Trail / Pacific Ocean (& Catalina Island) in background
(ps.  beware, geek on the trail : )))

Miles logged Thursday morning:  11.64

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