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Monday, January 11, 2010

Update (or maybe just an excuse to complain?)

After a restless night of waking again and again, I finally woke with MUCH improvement to the hip.  But . . . I gotta laugh at this -- I also woke with a sore throat and overall aches.  (I guess it's better to catch this cold, or whatever it is, now instead of later.)

I packed lunches, got the kids off to school, all without a limp.  I took my supplements, did some stretching, and with the sore throat still lingering, I headed off to the gym anyhow, about 10 AM.  Now, at forty-four years old (soon to be 45!), you'd think that I'd have more sense.  But I don't.  I really don't.  So desperate am I to get in some cardio, I did my swim.  I cut it slightly short though.  Swam 2,000 yards, an easy easy work-out really.  Best thing was, I experienced no pain what-so-ever (aside from that nagging sore throat).

(I'm just going crazy here!!!  I needed to do something).

Back home, I rushed about doing chores afraid to admit that my hip was worse off this afternoon than when I woke!  The way it looks right now, a Tuesday run is out of the question.

Boo Hoo.

There is plenty, more than plenty to be thankful for.  But this!  I am not very happy about it TO SAY THE LEAST.

Miles logged: 0

ps.  here's the kicker that I've neglected to mention -- exactly one week after Calico, I'm scheduled to run the rain post-poned Xterra. LOL


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