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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fast Track to Recovery?

Seven days have now elapsed since my last run -- and that one, I cut short due to my hip.  I was starting to  "freak out" about this.  I maintained my composure and all (sorta), but inside, I've been bummed, REALLY BUMMED.  First off, this injury came on the end of December, and I kept on running.  I should have layed off back then.  (How many times do I have to learn this?)  Secondly, I'm stressing, wondering, will I be able to run Calico, my most favorite race of the year?????  It may be two weeks off from running when I hit the trail out in Yermo.  Can I do it? 

I'll take back right now something I recently blogged, and that is that it was a "given" that I'd finish Calico.  Now . . . maybe not.  Heck.  That's okay.  Still, I'm resolved to get over this before the race.

My fast track plan to recovery (hoping for a run this Tuesday)

1.  Stengthening excercises specifically aimed at treating Bursitis -- daily
2.  Foam Roll -- a few times a day
3.  Stretching -- several times a day
4.  1500 mg glucosamine, 1200 mg chondroitin
5.  Anti-inflammatories
6.  Core strengthing exercises
7.  NO RUNNING, no cycling, no hiking (except for walking around Disneyland all day), no Elliptical

It looked like I wasn't getting much improvement as of yesterday.  But today!!!  I woke with no pain (the pain is usually at its worse upon waking).   Most importantly, pain is minimal when I stretch.  : )  Happy girl here!  Tomorrow, I swim, and then maybe, just maybe I run Tuesday. 

Miles logged this morning:  0

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