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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Between Storms

Storms have descended upon us here in California.  We're getting slammed.  Branches litter our yard.  Daisy dog gets to stay inside all day.  And the river which is usually near bone dry, now flows with choppy waters.  And boy has that wind been howling.

I was so fortunate.  We got a break just at the right time.  After dropping the boys off at school I raced down to the harbor, parked in the lot and hit the pavement for a short run.  Cold wind blew strong in my face. The clouds looked heavy laden with a downpour ready to burst.

Bundled up good, I ran through Doheny, trees and branches fallen here and there.  One giant tree lay across the parking lot having landed on top of some poor soul's camper.  If they had parked just one space over, it would have missed them (don't you hate it when things happen like that!  I sure hope it wasn't someone's home -- nowadays especially, that's quite likely).

The ocean was brown and choppy -- those giant pelicans simply floating up and down upon it, like it was a gentle magic carpet.  Where asphalt trail used to be, sand now covered.  Road crews worked at shoveling sand out of the Capo Beach parking lot (and why?  I mean, we've got more storms coming).

Rain began to lightly fall on my way back, but I pushed on through the wharf.  It was empty except for a woman I know walking her dog.  We said our hello's, and I pressed on through the shops back up to my car for a quick stretch and drive back home.

I didn't bring my camera, on purpose.  But I did bring my phone, just in case I got stranded in a downpour and needed a ride back to the car -- this trigger happy lady though, couldn't help herself and snapped a few photos again : )

Tree thrown down by the storm (notice the lifted walkway!)

Miles logged this morning:  5.73

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