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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bursitis or IT Band?

So the left hip now is acting up (as oppossed to the usual right hip, which is perfectly fine.)  Took Monday off from any kind of workout (my usual day off anyway), then Tuesday, I WENT HIKING with my husband (Caps because I'm thinking that was not a bright thing to do).  This morning, I drove down to the marina in order to avoid any hill running.  I ran an empty wharf and marina, crossed over to the island and about half way through the island, thought to myself, "Okay, I need to cut this thing short."

I'm freaking out here -- the hip pain is not going away after well more than a week!  I've been using the foam roller to no avail, except for once today.  After an extra long session, the pain subsided for about fifteen minutes.  Then I read an article that made me wonder:  is this problem really the IT band, or is it Bursitis.  My pain stays with me when I don't run = bursitis.  I don't have a typical bursitis gait, that is foot lunge in front of the body, mainly heal strike = IT Band (I have more a mid-foot and on hills a forefoot strike, definately not out in front of the body). 

What do you think? 

I got to researching, and learned that while the foam roller helps for both, glucoscomine helps tremendously for bursitis.  Here's where I'm kicking myself.  I never replaced my glocoscomine when I ran out about SIX MONTHS AGO!  You can guess where I'm off to now.  The Drugstore!

Miles logged this morning:  3.75

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