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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Cares About Groove?

Rain has ceased!  (At least for now : )  I couldn't get out for a run though, until early evening.  It was tough on this old gal, as I am purely a morning runner.  Put me out there in the afternoon or evening, most times, it's like I'm not even a runner.  As was such today -- I never really got my groove.  That's all right though,  really.  I'd rather run with no groove, than not run at all. 

With that hip ache STILL lingering, I headed down the highway and took the pedestrian bridge over into Doheny Beach, which was closed.  Not for runners though, or cyclists, or walkers -- we just went right past the "closed" barrier.  The campground was a ghost town, the state park roads also void of cars, except for rangers who roamed about, saying nothing about the dozens of runners making their way through the "closed" park.

The weather was cold, the sunset magnificent -- orange with puffy clouds.  After turning around at Capo Beach, I snapped a picture of the sky, that doesn't even do it justice.  People literally lined the walkway at Capistrano Beach (which wasn't closed) shooting pictures of this sky.  They had cell phones and cameras with foot-long lenses alike. 

It was dark by the time I ran into the wharf.  I came upon a pelican standing in the middle of the sidewalk behind Jolly Rogers.  I really love those birds, so giant and awkward they seem, though they're quite graceful in flight and lounging out on the sea.  This particular bird didn't move as I approached, then finally at the last moment scampered away.  He seemed injured, othewise he would have flown away.  I wished there was someone I could call to help out my poor friend. 

Restaurant lights cast their shimmering glows upon the black ocean waters of the wharf.  Another magnificent sight -- one great reason to get in a night run in my parts.  What wasn't so magnificent was the pain in my hip.  It worried me some, so I skipped the marina and headed up that big hill home, instead turning north on the highway to finally pick up my car from the shop.

Miles logged today:  6.59

View from Capo Beach taken with phone camera 

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