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Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Run or Not to Run with a Cold

I went to Disneyland Friday night with a sore throat.  The trip however, was well worth it, having fun with the boys.  I got drenched on Splash  Mountain.  My clothes were still wet when we arrived home just before midnight.  Woke up Saturday even sicker.  Knowing Sunday was my run day, I napped and got to bed pretty early.  Even with the extra rest, I was still on the go, go, go as I usually am, but not as much.  I did not neglect my physical therapy exercises, and I even fit in an "easy" day at the gym.   

Sunday morning, I woke feeling a little better.  Then after some breakfast and Theraflu Severe Cold I felt just fine, perfectly fine, in fact.  I read somewhere, a long time ago, in some magazine or on some website that I cannot recall, that it's okay to run with a cold, but not okay with the flu.  And so, I laced up those running shoes and headed out the door at high noon. 

Skies were overcast in my beach town.  The air was cool, almost cold, and breezy.  I included my warm ups and cool downs and focused on form as I ran through Doheny, Capo Beach, the wharf and much of the marina.  I still felt strong, which is proof, in my mind, that I am successfully strengthening my core (though I still have plenty more to go).  Best of all:  NO HIP PAIN. 

Back at home, I did a few chores, then prompty fell asleep on the couch for two hours.  I woke miserable, cold and sweaty, the medicine having worn off.  Everyone here says that I shouldn't have run.  But I read somewhere, that it was okay to run with a cold : ))

Miles logged this afternoon:  8.36

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