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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top of the World -- At Last!

I woke to pouring rain at 5:30 AM.  It was supposed to rain, so I wasn't surprised.  In fact, I was kind of relieved, because as I've read recently, "listen to your body," and my body was saying "I Am Tired! I Need Rest!"  

Rain ceased by the time I drove my first two boys off to school.  Clouds parted as I prepared my preschooler for school.  And so I dressed for a run, ignoring my body, still hoping it might rain, because I felt so physically fatigued. 

Rain did not fall as I drove off to break another rule, that is "rolling hills only."  My plan:  run to the Top of the World.  Why?  Because I HAD to.

I know this sounds odd, perhaps you can relate, but I felt fearful, anxious as I made my way to Canyon Vistas Park (entrance to the shortest route to the top).  I hadn't run to Top of the World since February 22.  I didn't know what Cholla Trail would do to me.  Was I going to wrench my hip?  Would I even be able to run to the top?

To begin, Cholla is no "rolling" hill in any sense of the word (though it is only a half mile).  Oddly, I ran it easier than I have in a long time, focusing on "No Resistance."  That's not to say that the trail was EASY.  It  was just easier, much more than I ever imagined. 

Westridge Trail is mostly rolling (except for two steep portions).  Still fearing even a tinge in the hip, I made extra effort to keep a straight column, kick out the back, and relax.  Even with all that effort, I nearly twisted an ankle on Westridge, because I was just so giddy over finally making my way to the top.

Ran the whole way, then turned around and ran back, totalling 6 gleeful difficult miles.  (I'd say those 6 miles were easily equivilant to 12 flat road miles).

I followed orders for the remainder of this adventure:  long cool down, stretched, iced, hip exercises back at home, ALL WITHOUT AN ACHE.  (Now, I just hope that I sleep through the night without hip problems -- oddly, it seems to attack as I sleep or while waking).

But forget all about that!  I ran to Top of the World today. 



At Top of the World, Looking Down at Laguna Beach and Pacific Ocean

Turning Around and Heading back on Westridge for a Final Gleeful Descent Down Cholla

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