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Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Thoughts Re: Falling on the Run

Trail falls, or any fall for that matter, well, they're not fun!  I laugh that I even have experience enough to talk about the subject.  As a child, falls weren't so bad.  I got these "cool" scabs on my knees that I picked off piece by piece.  As a child, the distance to the ground wasn't that far (even from a tree branch it didn't seem that far).  And for some reason, impact didn't jolt me so much (that's probably because less weight impacts the ground at a lesser force -- who knows, I'm no physicist : )

These are my thoughts on falls (I haven't gone back and checked, but I believe at last count, my falls while running totalled nine . . . NINE).  

1)  Falling on cement is way, way, way worse than falling on the trail. 

2)  You must roll with your fall. What I mean by a roll is to somehow at impact, roll to the left or right onto your side.  It just happens with me, there's not enough time to plan it.  If I hit the ground directly with no roll, then I'm injuried FOR SURE.
3)  A fall  on the downhill is much worse than on the uphill.  And it's harder to get in that roll on a flat surface -- but doable.

4)  Falls happen when I'm most giddy, like when I can see the end of a long, difficult run.  I remember one case (Bulldog 25K), when I caught site of the youth detention center in the distance. I knew then that I was homeward bound.  I got so giddy, that I took one of my worst spills to date.  (I actually scared the runners around me who swarmed above in a frantic way to help -- I felt badly for putting them through that : )

5)  The first thing that goes through my mind when I'm falling is:  "OMG.  I can't believe that I'm falling!!!"  It's quite frankly amazing how much more goes though my mind in the short period of time it takes to hit the ground -- I think things like, "Who's gonna call the paramedics?"  "I should have seen it coming."  "Not Again!"  And, "What am I gonna tell my husband???

So there you have it, some random thoughts on falling.

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