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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Closer to Countdown

With no chance of being ready for Saturday's marathon, I took off for a run this morning, a road run, but jammed-packed with hills.  I'm not even sure I can run the 26.2 miles within the time limit.  My goal is simply to finish (if they let me), uninjured and most importantly SMILING.

So the hills of this beachside town provided quite a strenuous workout this morning.  It was a beautiful run, and the weather was oh so cool.  After making my way inland, I climbed Stonehill feeling strong, then made my way down toward the northern beaches. 

The fountain in front of St. Regis Hotel / I couldn't help think of this weekend's waterfalls, the contrast and similarities.

Heading toward the condemned path that leads to Monarch Beach (Aliso Canyon is just on the otherside of the hills in the background)
On the downhill, getting closer to the Pacific Ocean (Monarch Beach)
Running through the tunnel at the golf course (The Links).  Pacific Coast Highway is above me.

I dabbled with taking video, practicing for the marathon.  Turns out, I don't do too well holding the camera still while running.  The Pacific was choppy this morning, the tide on the high side (though there was plenty of sand on most of the beaches).  I ran Monarch Beach, Salt Creek and The Strands, then ran back up to Pacific Coast Highway via the windy path up Salt Creek's green belt.  After a nice long climb, I finally came in for a lovely downhill, no pain, at 10.80 miles logged for the morning.

Self photo at Salt Creek/Monarch Beach 
Rounding the bluff, The Strands in the distance, most of its beach taken by the tide
Standing at the base of the cliff that ends The Strands Beach

Heading back on The Strands -- Monarch Beach and Salt Creek in distance

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