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Friday, October 31, 2014

Well Intentions

Some days I leave for work at 7 AM and I am finally home for good around 9:30 PM.  Dead-dog tired.  I do get big breaks, like 2 hours between the day work and the night gig.  And I don’t do this long work schedule every day.  So, when I finally get a morning and afternoon off, I make big plans.  After catching up on neglected chores, I spend a couple hours at the gym, or best of all, I make it to the trails.  The last time I made it to the trails, was Tuesday, where I squeezed in a short(ish) 7.25 mile run.  I ran the Mentally Sensitive / Meadows lollipop loop in Aliso Creek Canyon, and told myself that I’ve just going to be happy with whatever I can get out and do.  Good thing I was happy with whatever I could get out and do.  Because even though I had well intentions to put in a nice long trail run today, I fell ill.  No trails today.  I spent all of this day off home, answering e-mails, coordinating Chimera and sleeping.  

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday’s Autumn Run:

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