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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Post Dump

Chimera is just around the corner. My life is hectic, and stressful, and borderline chaotic. Haven’t even been able to run or make it the gym much, instead needing to rush home between classes to do lesson plans, write some Chimera emails, grade projects, or write a paper for an online class I’m taking. The entire back seat of my car is full of stacks of papers, notebooks, and more papers and more notebooks (not to mention two gym bags full of crap). To add to this chaos, my precious cat was killed last week (and she was so very precious to me), and that pretty much made me want to just stop everything. But I had to keep plugging on. It sucked. The only silver lining was that I felt so lucky that she was part of our lives for the short time she was. Best cat ever. Broken heart 

With Chimera around the corner, and the fact that I finally bought a new camera, I thought I’d write post to dump out my past two very much needed trail adventures. Wait – yes, I finally bought a new digital camera. And being nostalgic, I opted for the Canon Elph, which is the same make and model of the very first digital camera I ever broke (I smashed it on the rocks while running the Calico Trail run for the first time). Camera phones are nifty and all, but I really missed having a digital camera separate from my phone. They feel better in my hand than a phone.

Anyway, it was this past weekend, Veteran’s Day weekend that I hit the trails twice. First, was Friday, I went for a West Ridge run (with some hiking). I haven’t even downloaded my garmin yet, but I know that it totaled a little over 6 miles, because I’ve probably run that same route a hundred times.


The second trip out to trails, with a little bit of running, and a lot more hiking, was the following Sunday along Santiago Truck Trail. I got a late start, which is perfectly fine now that the weather is so mild. The mileage totaled a little over 7 miles and was much needed for my soul.

IMG_1414 (1)IMG_1422

IMG_1427 (1)

Looking forward to returning to the trails with Elph in hand.

Have a great weekend.

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