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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Little Runs

With back-to-back weekend trips, I’ve had but little time to reflect. First trip (Thousand Oaks) I got in a run-hike at a new place. And I also maintained this now semi-new way of eating (ketogenic diet) with delicious food. The second trip out of town was to San Jose. I was a chaperone for my youngest son’s music orchestra for a three day trip which included a music competition, an amusement park, a night out at the pizza parlor, etc. Needless to say, I didn’t get in a run-hike at a new place (though I’m sure it would have been lovely -- the hills are gorgeous up there!). And I did not maintain my now semi-new way of eating. ;) Hence, the bad side of a ketogenic diet. I didn’t feel good when I arrived home Sunday night. I was nauseated and just overall not well. Monday morning arrived and I jumped right back on the wagon back to eating food as fuel. In between my two schools I hit the gym hard in the afternoon. I think my body rebounded fine, but my mind, it did not follow suit. I pretty much felt anxious all day, and it seemed that every worry that I have or could possibly have popped into my mind to bother me more. The following day was much the same.

The third day after the carb-fest (Wednesday) I felt solid on my feet. After getting two boys off to school, I ran a little run down at the harbor (2.25) miles. Quick and short, and just what I needed. I even made it to the gym later on in the afternoon. Thursday I hit Quail Loop for two of it’s 1.8 mile loops. I chose this location because I pass it on the way home. It’s not exactly scenic this time of year (all of it brown), but Quail Loop is nonetheless a trail, and a trail even with a little bit of elevation. These little runs are actually more taxing that the multiple miles I put in on run-hikes. I suppose the little runs are more tiring because I run the entire time, and at a quicker pace than usual.

Lessons learned this week:

1) There is a bad side to keto, which are the effects of taking in too many carbs when your body is not used to it. And 2) Little runs are wonderful even though they are a pain in the butt while in the process.

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