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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Last Days of Spring

Friday afternoon, I took a drive into Laguna Beach and up to the top of the hills of South Laguna to Moulton Meadows Park. Oh, was it chilly. The skies were whitish-gray, and the air was misty and cold. It was a lovely June Gloom day on the coast -- June 14. I needed to wear an extra long sleeved shirt to keep warm. That part was glorious. Well, most of it was glorious. There was a bit of tricky downhill (I took the steepest route down, Mentally Sensitive!), and there was some good climbing up RockIt and then West Ridge which over looks Laguna Beach and the Pacific Ocean on one side and Aliso Viejo with the Saddleback Mountains as a backdrop on the other.

In all I hiked 9.55 miles (1,483' elevation gain). June Gloom parted for the last few miles. The weather warmed up, but not enough to hate it. Coastal temperatures in Southern California in June and July are almost always perfect. I handled the 9 plus miles rather well under such weather. But I felt it later that afternoon back at home. Boy was I dragging, and I kept thinking, "What is the matter with me?" My husband had to nudge my shoulder -- "umm, 9 and 1/2 miles?" But I think that it wasn't only the number of miles that I put it. It was also the fact that I haven't cut all the junk (junk as in grains and some other things) from my diet. So, my energy has not really kicked in. But I'm making steps in the right direction. Making small improvements and ignoring the downfalls. Just moving forward. Here is my goal: One step at a time, make things better and check things off my list. And enjoy trails. That's number one. My medicine.

What a beautiful time to catch time on the trails -- the last days of spring!

My route on June 14: Moulton Meadows/Mentally Sensitive/Aliso Canyon/Wood Canyon/Coyote Run/RockIt/West Ridge/Top of the World back to Moulton Meadows.

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