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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oops Again : )

Okay, so I didn't come in under 25 miles for the week. That cracks me up. Proves that things do change (despite the saying that "nothing changes!"). I remember struggling to get in twenty miles. And now that I've promised myself a "break" for October, the first two weeks I come in over 25 miles. I'm close though. And I am feeling rested, so tempted to put in a twenty-miler, but forcing myself to stay with the "break."

Don't get me wrong -- this is not to say that running has been easy on my "break" month. It's mostly fun and breezy, true. But there's tough parts too -- especially during the warm-up. Warm-ups have always been tough for me, and so have hills (just because they're getting easier, doesn't mean they're easy). It's precisely the difficulty that's got me with this running thing -- whether it's a full-force, hard-driven 35 mile week, or a take-it-easy 15 mile week. I can fail all week long at so many things, fail at keeping the house clean, fail at keeping my patience, fail at eating a healthy diet, fail at NOT procrastinating, etc., etc., etc. And then I run. That's when I don't fail, and I feel a little better. No, A LOT better. I feel better, because it's HARD, and I did it.

Anyway, I went for an 6:30 group run in Wood Canyon this Sunday morning. It was still dark when I arrived. When the sun finally rose above the horizon it never shined through the gray clouds, and it was lovely -- lovely, lovey, lovely. Tom, Sheila and I hit Wood Canyon trail via Canyon Vistas Park and before I knew it, we had reached the turnaround. It was shady and cool, and the perfect way to start the day. The company was wonderful, and the miles flat. Lots of bunnies, no snakes -- who can ask for anything better? To my surprise, the miles totalled 6.9, bringing me to 26.11 for the week. Oops.

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