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Friday, October 30, 2009

Flat Runs are Fun too : )

I didn’t run this morning – too cold, though it wasn’t actually TOO cold to run. It’s just that I’ve got this IT band thing, in other words, my hip HURTS. I swam yesterday, and the whole 2200 yards was pleasant, no pain whatsoever. As soon as I pushed myself out of that pool – ouch, there it was: IT burnin’. I’ve been wearing ice on my hip like a gun in a holster.

So, I wasn’t eager to jump right out of bed this morning to run in the cold. But I knew that I needed to run, my psyche needed it. Last run was Tuesday (my run up Meadows Trail), and that was way too long ago. Since then, I see people run, and I get jealous (and I’m not really a jealous person!).

After taking it easy this morning, turning in attendance, post office mailings, phone calls, e-mails, etc, then watching my soap, I finally DROVE down to the marina for a run. I never drive down there anymore – I always run out the door for my marina runs. But today was a good day for a perfectly flat run, and the only way for that to happen was to drive down the big hill. Hopefully a flat run would ease the pain (or at least not worsen it).

Turns out, there was some burning during this afternoon’s run. I didn’t care – not one bit; wait that’s putting it loosely, it’s more like I DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN. I wanted to run; I ached to run.

Enjoyable, that’s how I will describe this flat run alongside the harbor waters, despite the burning. I stretched when I drank, and the pain actually seemed to lessen with movement. The breeze was strong and cool. The skies were blue. White seagulls crowded the waters. When I ran beneath the island bridge (twice) the winds rushed against me furiously – it was almost surreal.

I concentrated on posture and listened to my music, thinking about mundane things. I decided that it was time to change out my white canvas purse for my blue, Mayan embroidered one. I wondered if those tiny pin legged white birds tip-toeing about the island were Egrets, or some other bird. I also decided what to post on my literary blog, and which Sunday to post a Top of the World trail run. I thought about some of my students, and how relieved I was to get their progress reports done before the weekend. I thought about how to carve our three pumpkins, and that I’d be better off leaving that to hubby. And sometimes I thought about nothing at all. : ) Bliss.

And oh ya I thought about one more thing: I LOVE THIS SONG (Catch and Release by the Silversun Pickups, I played and replayed it the last two miles of my run : ))

Follow me
Want to live in a fantasy
Show you everything you'll ever need

I hope you'll take it
I know you're faking just a little bit
Come on and taste it
Just get excited cuz you're giving in

Come and see
How the wind in your hair will feel differently
Catch and release
The lure above


Here we are
In the bathwater hold afloat
Later on
Don't say I didn't tell you so
Maybe I didn't but you're taking it
Knew you were faking just a little bit
Now that you'll taste it
No need to fight it cuz you're giving in

Follow me
Down the streams of sweat on your body
Can't believe
The lure was enough

Do you see?
How the wind in your hair now feels differently
Catch and release
The lure above
Who knows?
How this feeling grows?
Was it truly what -Truly worth the starting
Who knows?
Why the engine's blown
Was it truly what -Truly worth the parting

Follow me
Down the streams of sweat on your body
Can't believe

The lure was enough
Do you see?
How in the wind in your hair now feels differently
Catch and release the lure above

Miles logged this Friday before Halloween: 6.5


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