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Sunday, November 1, 2009

IT hurts

This morning running gal took another afternoon run today. I was fooling myself though, and really shouldn't have taken that run. Yesterday, the pain in my IT band disappeared after 6 miles on the elliptical crossramp. I thought, "hey, it's over! I can go ahead and run again."

Not quite. Though my marina run was enjoyable, it was not pain free. And tonight, I suffer, walking about like I'm ninety years old with a bum hip. After much denial, I finally gave in, and have put in for five days (FIVE DAYS) no running.

So all of you out there running next week: know that when I see you, or hear about you, I am green with envy.

Miles logged this afternoon: 5.63

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about the IT issue. Hope you get to running soon.
    And Balboa Park is great but more importantly I'm spending time with someone new who happens to be Japanese! And she likes to run! And she seems to like me! Feels great. Smiling thru life finally!