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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Run?

1. Why the hell NOT? You are just off a tad, right?

2. Because I have some inkling how the story will end. (This is quite important for a story teller.)

3. Because it's an opportune time to forget everything. (Forgetting is good, good, GOOD).

4. Because it's an opportune time to remember everything. (Remembering is good too -- perhaps, you think not, but THINK . . . running brings back those really odd times IN DETAIL -- like the time I ran right into a car when I was a child! Odd things like that come back suddenly and oddly when I run, some of them not too pleasant, they bring me back to gasping tears -- oddly, that's good too. Don't forget the flip-side though -- those old experiences way back when that you thought you long forgot, the fun childhood stuff : )

5. Because I can listen to music non-stop (glory), (that is if I run alone).

6. Because I can eat more calories than the average human being.

7. Because it helps me remember things long forgetten (Oops I already said this)

8. Because it allows me to beat up on myself,(without actually doing the deed. . . )

9. Because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people (QUALITY PEOPLE).

11. Because I can be alone (even admist those quality people).

12. Because it keeps me sane. (And insane, some might think)

13. Because it helps me to put things in perspective.

14. Because it gives me confidence.

15. Because I get to see deer, blue heron, snakes, bobcats, quail etc.

16. Because the "reality" of life and "reality" in general seem to co-exist.

17. Because I can get really dirty. : )

18. Because I never thought that I could do it.

19. Because it makes me proud because I can do it.

20. Because photographers take plenty goofy pictures of me (and GOOFY IS GOOD).

21. Because swimming then seems so much easier.

22. Because I get to see the sunrise.

23. Because I get to see the sunset.

24. Because I get to feel to glory of crazy.

25. Because to run is to ESCAPE without approval, well . . . let's see.

I know, I know, a lot of this doesn't make a whole of sense. Funny . . . It made perfect sense when I posted it at 2 AM : ))


  1. Now I know why! Those are good reasons. How's the IT issue?

  2. You understood that eh? I guess I was up a little too late last night : ) I went and took out the stuff that absolutely made no sense. The IT band is better -- but not completely healed. Thanks for asking. My non-running friends say STOP RUNNING. Phooey. And tomorrow I'm gonna run some hills (Oops) I hear the foam roller does wonders, so I'll pick up one today.