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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Speed

It's getting cold out here in the morning. I know, not cold, cold, like say Michigan or Montana cold, but cold for our parts. I don't know for sure, but it had to be low forties (brrrr). Tom and my ears both froze as we made our way down into the canyon. All the more reason to run it fast -- fast for my taste, definately faster than I had run it before, I'm certain.

It was Tom's idea! I wouldn't have come up with such an plan -- more mileage, sure, more hills, why not? But more speed -- yikes! That's dang hard. Last time Tom ran that out-and-back along Aliso Creek Trail and Wood Canyon, he did it in an hour forty minutes. With those climbs toward the end of Wood Canyon, I doubted that I could do it. Flat road, sure (I mean maybe!), but on a trail, didn't think so.

I certainly wouldn't have done it without Tom running alongside me (and sometimes ahead of me). But we did it -- we made those 9 miles of trail in just under an hour forty minutes. Wow. And the IT band didn't even whisper a complaint : )

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