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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is this wrong?

Maybe I'm a little grumpy for not running to the Top of the World this morning. Maybe I'm just a b****. I spent a couple hours at the gym this morning, and there were a few things that stood out as just plain wrong (& and I'm really easy going as to people doing their own thing, really, I am : ).

1) How about dropping the weights? Once accidentally, maybe twice. But every time? Come on? Does anyone else think that's okay?

2) I don't know if it's just me, but I don't douse myself with perfume when I got to the gym either. Am I just a plain ole' b***** to grumble when a woman hops up onto the elliptical next to me, smelling like my kindergarten teacher (I can still remember her perfume, my kindergartner teacher's, that is).

3) And then there's the guy (sometimes it's a gal, but this morning it was a guy) running SPRINTS on the treadmill. Now it's a beautiful day today, why not go outside for that? The treadmill just isn't made for sprints -- maybe my kind of sprints -- but not those 4 to 6 minute/mile pace sprints. Do these super humans realize how much noise that makes? It practically shakes down the building. Don't they see people turning around to see whose making all that noise?

Maybe I'm just cranky.

Miles ran this morning: ZERO


  1. I know how much you like taking pictures...so did you happen to take any of #2 problem?!? That would pretty much determine if I'm on your side or not!

    Seriously I hate going to the gym for all of the reasons and more that you have listed. Course, the other option is you could just be a ... No No No!

  2. Nice rant! It seems like many things are "just plain wrong" at the gym. I don't like to go there, especially when I'm cranky.

    I hope you don't think snot rockets are just plain wrong on the trail, because if you do we'll have to stop running together!

  3. Both of you are so funny : )

    Rich -- No cameras allowed in the gym (otherwise I'd have some pretty interesting ones to post -- but then, someone might return the favor -- yikes). Thankfully, no perfume dousers this morning, no sprinters on treadmills, just one lone weight dropper in the back.

    Tom -- snot rockets are just fine -- just no dropping weights on the trail -- that racks my brain.

    IT is slowly getting better : )