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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Fortunate Am I?

Reading through my last blog, I had to chuckle to myself. I chuckled thinking, how lucky am I that I get this opportunity? What a great adventure running, and then the ultimate, trail running, has been. Sure, I grumble, and I endure injuries (not too many in fact), but I really hope that it comes out in these blogs that I love it!

Sports in my youth was never this much fun -- softball, volleyball, swimming -- I compared myself to others instead of simply comparing myself to myself. I fretted, frowned and didn't enjoy anything but a win. I didn't count the tiny personal wins -- little things like a decent spike, a serve that actually cleared the net, a nicely laid bunt, a perfectly timed flip turn, or a backstroke where I didn't slap the swimmer in the next lane : )

Sure there's people who run better, and faster, and with less injuries -- there's lots of people who are smarter, skinnier and prettier too. But really, Who cares? Another chuckle -- does it take this long to finally realize, "Who Cares?" (I hope that my children learn A LOT sooner : )

I'm middle aged, and I conquer things I didn't even attempt in my twenties. I've worn dresses all of my life, high heels, and lipstick -- hardly ever shorts and dirty ankles (aghast!). Yes, it's true that I still won't wear flip-flops unless my toenails are painted. But now, I hold up a scraped elbow in triumph. And when I apply an ice-pack, I secretly delight.

How lucky am I???

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