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Monday, November 9, 2009

Route 66 Half Marathon Cancelled

Saturday I had planned to drive all the way up to Barstow to run the Marine Corp's Route 66 half marathon. But the race has been cancelled. I was looking so forward to getting away for the day, and seeing if I could possibly beat last year's time (my best half marathon time 2:15). I admit though, that I was more than a little relieved learning that I didn't have to make that long, long drive to the high desert.

What to do though? No Route 66 means 19 races this year. I had planned on a nice even 20. So I scoured the internet looking for something to fill the void next Saturday. I couldn't find a thing that looked good. I mean, who wants to drive out to L.A. or up to San Francisco? I don't. And then, right before me, on my trail running group sight, a five mile race scheduled for next Saturday. I can do five miles! But it looks like I'm going to get a bit muddy once again. : )

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