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Thursday, February 2, 2012

More on the Scout . . .

Day 45 of my running streak, I ran another scouting expedition in hopes of connecting trails to Trabuco Canyon.  It went pretty well, though the trails were pretty dang lonely.  (On the return trip, they livened up with cyclists and even two runners). 

This morning I began at the bridge, again running up Trabuco Ridge.  That cuts off about (5 or 6 miles) I believe, from a Doheny Beach starting point.  During today’s scouting expedition, I gave myself a couple hours to run toward Saddleback Mountains and soon found myself in familiar territory, Arroyo Trabuco Trail.  When I reached my hourly limit, I simply turned around and ran back. 

This run really wiped me out.  But fortunately, I ran a “negative split” (Yah, I’m picking up some terminology) and had lots of time to stretch afterward.

The Pictorial (Warning – way too many pictures.  I’ll try & lighten up a little bit next time):

So far, I’ve run from my truck to the bridge which crosses the creek and meets up with Trabuco Ridge Trail:

Heading down off the trail to pick it up at the end of upcoming cul-de-sac:

I don’t know what these are, they stand up above golf course about a mile before I begin to descend back down to creek:

You guessed it (if you’ve been to this blog before) – Santiago Peak in distance:

Trailside flowers:

Heading down to the creek, a 1/2 mile to 1 mile before Crown Valley Parkway underpass:

Ahhhhh.  The creek.  I ran the single track to the right for a while before meeting up with Arroyo Trabuco Trail:

Relieved that I know where I’m at.  LOL:

Running along Trabuco Trail, I hear all sorts of noises in the leaf litter:

Looking downstream before crossing:


Ah.  I don’t think so!

Arroyo Trabuco – I recognize this trail!!  Hooray!  I’m not getting lost today. Smile

More creek crossing – I’ve crossed here many times on different runs:

Got a little spooky in here.  I  couldn’t even see the mountains.  So I took the headphones off to listen closely and focus:

Heading back to the truck, running Trabuco Ridge I notice a fine specimen of Ladybug.  I love Ladybugs:

Truckward bound and oh, so tired:

16.02 miles ran this morning (25.78 km):Trabuco Ridge to Arroyo Trabuco Trail 2-2-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Wow, day 45! Well done! I love all the photos. My way of "living" your runs and seeing your beautiful trails. Not closed...I like that!

    1. Thanks Johann. I couldn't figure out why they closed that trail! : )

  2. There are a couple spots on that trail are a little ify. Its from the flooding down there. Be careful a little farther up is the former Trabuco Bombing Range: http://www.trabuco-bombrange.com/welcome.php

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I checked out your link. I appreciate it. Looks like I will be running only the boundaries, not the target spots. Believe me though, I will not be stepping on anything metal. Thanks again.

  3. Hmm. Interesting. This runs along Ladera Ranch?

    I was reading somewhere recently that the DFG is going to try to re-introduce steelhead to our local creeks (Orange and North San Diego Counties). I wonder if all the trail re-alignment has something to do with that?

    1. Thanks for reading Glenn. The trail re-alignment looks like part of the edge washed away and the wood fence fell. The upper portion does run along Ladera. Who knew!! You know, if you are in the area, you can get to Trabuco Ridge off of Junipero Serra, and the trails good for some non-technical hill training. Just look for that bridge and cross it. : )