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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running and Crying

I’m just a tiny bit OCD, not officially diagnosed and not medicated (for OCD anyway Winking smile), but I really think that I have some minor components.  One of the components is rearing its head in my streak.  Just as it has in the past with my mileage numbers.  For example, I like runs that end in even numbers.  I also prefer whole numbers.  But if not, I’d prefer the percent be divisible by a quarter.  For example, 10 miles is better than 9.87.  Likewise, 10.25, 10.50 or 10.75 miles I much prefer than say, to 10.45 miles.  These mileages are not a must for me, just preferences.  BUT I have been known to run around the parking lot in order to get such numbers on the garmin. 

Now, with this running streak, I oddly feel like I can’t end it unless I’ve completed a number of days that is divisible by 5 or 10.  Like today.  Today I completed 55 consecutive days of running.  Now, I can quit the streak.  If I run tomorrow, I won’t want to quit this streak.  I will want to keep on running until I complete day 60.  Then I can quit.

Usually, I laugh at these sort of things about myself.

Not so today.  My runs the past few days haven’t been doing their job in the mental health category. 

This afternoon, I went and let myself think while running and had a little crying episode, which I cannot do.  I cannot run and cry at the same time.  I know this. I’ve cried while running before and learned that when crying I can’t breathe well.  Today I thought I might hyperventilate and pass out right there on the highway after running the gorgeous beaches.  So I got myself straight right away.  How did I do that?  I stopped thinking.

I am okay.  And things will get better.  Life is hard, which is one of the reasons I run – not to make it harder, but to make it easier.  Besides, I have more to smile for than not; I have so many things to be grateful for!

Yesterday was my middle baby’s birthday.  He turned ten – Happy Birthday Dare-Bear. Smile 

Miles run today:  4.44 (yesterday 1.13) Taking it easy.  Which is A-OK. Winking smile

This afternoon’s run:


  1. sorry about the tears. in all my running, i have mostly happy ones. yet, i have noticed at times the running was a perfect way for me to getaway from things not so happy. it is a cliche some the emotional therapy it provides - yet it is there and is a big part of why 100% of us do it.

    i am sorry, but i had to end my streak last week. after a bad Surf City Half Marathon i had a light week, and needed two rest days. back at this week. not every day, but most of the week.

    love seeing all the pix of Orange County! Our families home away from home.

    take care!

    1. Thanks for reading Slomohusky. Running is also very happy for me, but at the same time, running is quite emotional for me. I have only been a runner since middle age. I think it's "A-OK" that you ended your streak. Any kind of streak is great. I'm glad you like the pictures. Sorry you had a bad Surf City Half. I'm sure you will learn lots from it though.
      That seems to be the nature of running: Learning. Congrats on a fantastic streak!!

  2. Hmm...5 pictures in your post...I think I see what you mean!

    Consider this - every time you run, you take a whole number of steps. And if you start and stop on the same foot, it will be an even number of steps.

    1. Funny Tom. I just counted the pictures and noticed 5. I'm big on the number 5 "in some cases." I like your idea of taking a whole number of steps, but that won't guarantee me a whole number mileage-wise. NOW THAT I THINK OF IT, it was YOU who started me on this. LOL. I remember running around and around the Aliso/Wood Parking lot to make a certain mileage after our runs. I was about to drop dead. But being that I was your follower and you taught me SO MUCH, I plugged along. LOL. I still remember so much that you taught me. Thanks friend!

  3. A runner with OCD? That's unheard of! I'm sure you'll suffer through it like the rest of us. And your even number preference isn't that odd at all. At least not compared to my OCD numerology.

  4. LOL Tk42One. I actually ended my streak on a day that didn't end with a 5 or a zero. And I survived. But on that same day, I am fairly certain that I checked to make sure I locked the front door before leaving that morning, at least twice. Then I unlocked the door to make sure The stove was turned off. Then had to check two more times to make sure the doors were locked. Then when I parked at the trails, I felt the need to check every car door to make sure they were locked even though locking one, locks them all), and of course, I had to check at least twice that I packed my car key. I don't know how many times I needed to make sure that I zipped the pocket closed where my car key was. Muhahahaha.

    Thanks for reading!