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Friday, February 1, 2013

Change of Plans

I woke with a sore throat and considered not running.  Every time I run with a sore throat it seems that I get sicker and lose more time from training.  But I’ve already lost so much time.   I must get in the miles.  There really is no time to lose.  I dosed up on the vitamin C, got the boys breakfast and off to school before making my decision.  I chose to change my original grueling hill training run for a more relaxed 12 mile run. 

I didn’t take any pain relievers so that I could tell whether my throat worsened.  And I debated whether to drive up into the mountains for The Candy Store Run or to run local trails.  Wanting a change of scenery, I decided against the mountains (because there’s the extra 2 hours driving time), and chose parks I don’t often run:  Laguna Wilderness and Crystal Cove. 

These two parks are rather popular, much more than Aliso/Wood Canyons (my stomping grounds).  I think the reason for the popularity is the vast ocean views most of the trails provide.  I suppose they aren’t among my favorites because I live at the seaside.  Standing on my front porch I can see a sliver of the ocean.  If I walk a short block and a half up, I have literally a 180 degree ocean view (my town is kind of in a giant cove). 

Running No-Name Ridge into Crystal Cove:

My throat hurt when swallowing, my calves and shins tightened with each step I ran down toward the sea.  Stopping twice to stretch, I decided the tightness was probably early signs of plantar fasciitis rearing its ugly head again.  I decided to tape my arches once I reached the ranger station approximately 3.5 miles away.  Then as if instantly, at 1.5 miles, my calves and shins felt perfectly fine. 

Very soon, I ran in awe of the coastal beauty.  I was also surprised how many hikers I came upon on this weekday morning – dozens. 

A quick pose before final descent to the ranger station:

Not wanting to waste time, I decided to skip taping at the ranger station.  Instead, I ran out to the ocean for a quick glimpse of what I take advantage of every day.  The water was a gorgeous deep blue.  White water rushed up to my feet.  I jumped back to avoid wet shoes.  Then I stopped briefly to run my hand through the fine sand in search of beach glass.  (Yes, we collect beach glass in our home.)  Coming up empty handed I ran back underneath the highway and headed up to Moro Ridge.  I decided on B.F.I. (Big F****ing Incline) to take me there.  The trail is named appropriately.

Onward to the ocean:

Relieved to finally make the ridge, I soon ran right back down to near sea level because I simply have to run El Moro Canyon.  It’s not quite a brutal run, and it’s beautiful down there.  Only thing is, since I had run all the way back down, all my B.F.I. progress was lost, and I had to climb back out.  I forgot all about my throat.  It felt good to have sweat run down my face. 

I took Nice and Easy Trail for the final ascent which wasn’t easy at all, though it was nice.  I suppose it was easier than the alternative, Elevator Trail.  The trail I took lasted so long however, that I wished that I had chosen Elevator, which gets you to the ridge REALLY quickly.

Running Crystal Cove Loop 2-1-2013, Elevation - DistanceRunning Crystal Cove Loop 2-1-2013

I’m delighted I changed my plans today instead of resting up.  Yes, today’s run was still a tad grueling.  But it was WELL worth it.  I’ve got both arches taped up tonight.  And best thing is, I don’t have a sore throat right now.  Here’s to hoping I can stay well! 


  1. Elevator is CRAZY. I can barely hike up, no chance I could run it.

    Maybe the run cured your throat ;)

    1. The only good thing about Elevator is that it is less distance to the top. LOL. Maybe we can "run" it together on a group run one of these days.

  2. way to keep that pf at bay! mine sometimes goes away after warming up too, but always makes me nervous. glad you got your run in!

    1. Thanks Average Woman Runner. I am especially cautious of PF nowadays. I do not let tight calves and shins go unnoticed. And thanks to your advice, I've got the taping down. It helps so much. Even if I wait too long, I start taping at bedtime, and all is good very quickly :)

  3. You know, one of these days we're bound to cross paths. I was up there on Wednesday....

    1. Funny Glenn! I ran upon somebody that I thought may be you. But since I met you in person a couple years ago at Harding Hustle, I quickly compared faces in my mind and realized the guy was not you. I'm sure we will run across ea. other one of these days. Look for my pack. I always wear the light blue hydration pack (on 10+miles) and I almost always wear my cap backwards. : ) AND if you see a silver spider knife shimmering in the sun (hanging on my front strap) then it's most likely me for sure. Ps. I always pick the best pictures for this blog, so I will definitely look more haggard than I do in my posts. :)