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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loosening up

I admire many runners.  Wait.  I think I admire all runners.  I study their form.  I read their books.  I read their blogs.  The other night, I watched a movie trailer about Anton Krupicka, an impressive trail runner out of Colorado.  I couldn’t help but notice how loose and free he appeared in this trailer, even on the technical trails.  I compared that to my running.  I take those technical trails, especial downhill portions, stiffly, fearful and heavy.   No wonder I can’t run The Candy Store run in the time I need.  I run too rigidly.  I don’t loosen up.

Today I decided to conquer Mentally Sensitive for some elevation.  Then for the big downhill, I took one of the most technical trails in Aliso/Wood Canyons: Rock It.  I practiced loosening up, especially my upper body on the rolling hills on the way.  Down Rock It,  I felt like a different runner.  I ran quicker and without fear.  I ran lightly, and seemingly with less effort.  I think I just may be onto something to improve my trail running.  

Here’s to one happy trail runner.  I may have not been able to get out there as much as I would have liked this week.  This loosening up revelation definitely makes up for all that.

Running trails with deer:

Ready to conquer:

The climb:

Rain’s coming in:

Running Rock It:

View from Rock It:

Running Up Mentally Sensitive down Rock It 2-21-2013, Elevation - Distance


  1. Awesome! I always admire his style. Ryan Sandes, South Africa's top trail and desert runner also runs so effortlessly. It definitely helps a lot to loosen up.

    1. Thanks for commenting Johann. I will be looking up Ryan Sandes. Thanks for the name.

  2. Gotta run like Anton if you're rockin his shoes!

    1. Scott, you noticed the shoes! I noticed the shoes too.

  3. Hey thanks for reminding me about that movie.

    Yup. Relaxing is so key. I strive for no tension but not there yet...

    1. Thanks for commenting Paul. No tension is a difficult thing for me, but I'm aiming for it.

      Really looking forward to the Anton movie. : )