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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mileage is Low–Okay, Here’s the Plan

Mileage is low for 2013, this after a grand 2012 mileage total (for me that is).  I could give you lots of excuses for this year’s progress.  I won’t do that though.  I am one of those fortunate employees who have an influential boss.  The best thing I’ve got from her so far (& I’m pretty sure there’s more to come) is this:  Don’t give me excuses, give me your plan.  She says this to the seniors and other lower classmen who come to us for credit recovery.  And at age 48, I have so much to learn from this.  Forget the excuses, let’s get a plan.

Here’s my plan:  Run.  And then run some more.  And then run again.  I’ve got the ankle boot off.  I’m wearing a simple wrap-like brace.  I’ll start off slowly with a hike, then after that I’ll go for a run, if pain permits (And pain always permits, doesn’t it? Smile )

I’m not really that concerned about my low mileage.  I know that if I can get this silly injury under control then I can get my training into “full-swing.”

Second to the mileage, I really must change my diet.  I’m not talking drastically.  I seldom eat desert.  I hardly ever indulge in things like chips, cakes and ice cream.  My downfalls are hard candy, cheese and wine, and corn tortillas, and a bit more pasta than I should indulge in.  The plan is simple here.  All I need to do is add more vegetables and a tiny bit more fruits.  That way I will be too full to take in a large quantity of pasta and/or chips, cheese and other indulges.  Wine on the other hand will be more difficult, but not impossible, and not even excruciating. The plan is when everything is accomplished, chores, fitness, children, etc., etc., etc., – that is the only time wine is okay, and even then, just sometimes.  Sweets and other candies, well, I really need to dump these entirely.

Here’s to practicing the remedies to my defaults!!  Hip-Hip-Hurray!

Yes; I am quite silly.


  1. Some parts of your plan sounds just too familiar :)We are certainly working on the same things. Except that mine is cake, chocolate, ice cream and milkshakes!

  2. Funny Johann. Fortunately I'm not a big fan of cake, chocolate, ice cream or milkshakes. Go figure! Funny thing is, my father made ice cream for a living. We always, and I mean ALWAYS had ice cream in the freezer when I was a child. To this day, though he is retired, my dad still has a freezer full of ice cream. You would be in big trouble at my folks' house.