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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Should I Run this Race, or am I too Old?

As I rest up my ankle, JUST ONE MORE DAY Sad smile, I contemplate new challenges for the year.  I’m returning to some of my regular challenges, and they are beasts indeed.  With my ankle injured, I’m back strength training, which I gave up when I could no longer afford gym membership (silly me – you don’t need a gym to gain strength!).

All of my races need strength, a solid mental strength as well as physical.  But I wonder, could I gain enough strength to handle one of the Spartan races that I’ve been hearing about?  Or am I too old?

I’ve run obstacle races.  I’ve run lots of mud races.  I’ve run endurance races.  I’ve run short races, marathons, but nothing, nothing like a Spartan race.  If you haven’t heard of these races, let me give you a little re-cap.  They are “primitive-like” obstacle races (of various distances, from 5k to marathon).  And I think the contenders are a bit mad, undoubtedly crazier than myself.  This is why I wonder, Am I too old?


Sure, I’ve accidentally ran off a mountainside.  I’ve stood on ground that broke away and sent me sliding.  I’ve nearly stepped on a rattle snake.  I’ve eaten dirt countless times.  I’ve had a pebble lodged into my eye.  I’ve been crazy enough to run through poison oak again and again.  I thought I broke my knee when while running on ice I crashed to the ground.  I’ve even suffered heat-exhaustion.  I’ve run in the pouring rain.  I’ve climbed walls and fences.  I’ve jumped from high distances.  I’ve been crazy enough to run in 3 digit temperatures.  I’ve run in freezing cold. 

But I have NEVER jumped over fire!  Nor I have ever had to dodge moving obstacles.  I have never had to traverse a hanging rope while holding on upside down!!!  I have been taken out of my comfort zone.  But not this much out of my comfort zone.



What do you think?  Might I dare?  Might you dare?  (If you’re intrigued, check out this link for dates & locations: http://www.spartanrace.com/spartan-obstacle-racing-events.php)

SO, Spartan Races gave me a free entry that I can give away to a reader of this blog.  Though these races are held all over the world, this entry is for any in  in the Continental U.S. 

Like my Facebook page “Lauren on the Run” (badge on right side of this screen), and your name will go into a hat for the free entry.  If only one person “likes” my page, then you win!!!!!  (Spartan also generously supplied me with a 15% off link that I’ll pass on to anyone who “likes.”)  Be sure to comment and tell me if you think I should run this race.  I’m seriously curious.  If you have previously liked my facebook page, a comment will get you an entry in this free race drawing. Smile  Also, BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW (via comment or e-mail) if you “liked” my facebook page, otherwise I might not catch it. 


I think this ankle-rest-up is getting to me.  (ps.  I’ll draw a winner in 2 weeks).

Thanks for reading!  Time to ice.


  1. You are not too old! Go for it but be sure you are in shape to come out the other side injury free. That is one reason I don't enter races like that. I just can't afford an injury that will keep me out for a long time.

  2. I think I'm afraid Johann. An injury would be a bummer. But we'll see. I still may do one (or two :)