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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keeping the Streak Alive?

Talk about a busy day.  Woke at 5:30AM, did laundry, washed dishes (by hand), did some ab work on the living room floor.  Boy!  That tired me out.  Then I wrote out the list of “To Do’s” for my sons.  I do this every morning.  (Yes, I write out a list of things the boys must do before they play video games – cleaning chores, reading, practicing music, exercising, petting our dog, etc).  Off to work by 8:30, I rushed to put $20 of gasoline in the tank.  That’s not much fuel – not much at all.  But at least I didn’t run out of gas today.

Work was hectic, as usual, as the nature of my job is always “urgent mode.”  My students have deadlines, hard deadlines to finish credits in order to receive diplomas from their high schools.  Almost NONE of my students are in light-hearted moods.  And the countless phone calls that I make are never to give parents good news.  But there are wonderful times (like THREE times today) when a lost sheep comes back into the fold.
On the way home from work, I stopped by the market for groceries.  At the house, I was back busily doing laundry.  Why such the rush?  Because today was beach day.  I pretty much promised (though I rarely promise, because I know they are too hard to keep) some hours at the beach this afternoon with my guys.
I walked a mile (round trip) to the beach with my family in the late afternoon.  The roads were ridiculously crowded with speeding cars, which made me quite nervous for my boys’ safety.  The best part of the beach was watching the family have fun in the surf.  The second best part was laying back in the sand and having it form to the shape of my body.  I thought to myself, beneath the hot sun, that sand would be the best mattress!

On on uphill walk home, hubby mentioned dinner out at a local diner.  That of course meant only one thing.  I HAD TO get in my minimum 1 mile run as soon as I arrived home.  Well, when I arrived home, the weather was still pretty warm even though the time read 5:00 PM.  Still, I changed my shirt, laced up some running shoes, strapped on my garmin, filled a handheld with water (I was soooo thirsty from the beach) and headed out my front door.


And then I did it.  I put in my more than a mile run (1.05 miles) to keep up my 3 day streak.  It was hot, and a bit muggy, but the run was easy-peasy.  I’m glad I fit it in to keep up The Streak,.  Then I went out for a lovely dinner (though hectic and stressful it was – remember, we have 3 boys!) with the family. 


  1. Yay for keeping the streak alive! That was a busy day indeed, so well done!

  2. Whoo hoo! I agree, congratulations on keeping the streak alive!

    1. Thanks Green Girl. Streaks nowadays are very difficult for me. :)