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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New Loop

Some time ago a new loop popped into my head, a lollipop loop actually.  My idea was to connect two trails that I’ve run (Bommer Ridge and Laurel Canyon) with a trail that I haven’t run (Willow) in Laguna Wilderness.  Though I did glance at the map to make sure I could connect these trails (they meet at a staging area), I didn’t bother to calculate mileage.  I like some mystery (but I figured between 6 and 10 miles).  Anyway, I finally decided to do this loop today, on probably the hottest day of the year.    First off, I ran to the public restrooms and was already overheated.

Bommer Ridge gave me spectacular ocean views to my right and some ocean breezes.  To my left I couldn’t help but glance occasionally at The Saddleback Mountains.  On Willow I began to make my way down, down, down, BENEATH THE RIDGE, away from the ocean breezes. 

Running Bommer Ridge:

Willow is definitely not a summer trail, especially in 99f degrees.  With very little shade to be found, my downhill pace was much slower than usual.  I came upon a couple hikers here and there, all dressed too warm in my opinion.  Though a few ladies carried parasols.  I certainly would not rate Willow very high from today’s run.  And I probably won’t return, if I do, until the wintertime.

Willow Trail:

Much needed shade:

So happy to come upon the staging area for some more shade (notice the bunny Smile):

But then the climb up Laurel Canyon began – whew!

In all, this new loop measured 8.08 miles.  I would have liked 10 miles, but I was happy enough to quit at 8.08.  I came upon one lonely hiker as I ran up Bommer to the trailhead.  He said, “It’s hot!”  To which I replied, “Yup, it’s an oven back there.”

The lollipop:Running Bommer Willow Laurel loop 8-29-2013Running Bommer Willow Laurel loop 8-29-2013, Elevation


  1. Great loop but definitely will be more enjoyable when it is cooler. Love the bunny! I see lots on my trails but they take off at high speed long before I can even think about a photo.

    1. Funny thing was, I didn't even know the bunny was in the picture.

  2. Maybe hit up Lizard in the big heat. It's shady all the way and would hook you up with upper Laurel to Marie Calendar (shady) and back onto Bommer just below Ridge Park.

    1. Wow. Looks like I better look at a map. Don't know these trails. But I have much to learn of Laguna Wilderness. Thanks for the suggestion!