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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Do It

It’s been a long, long time.  Too long.  This week, I began cross-training again (that is doing workouts that include activities other than running).  This of course is fantastic news for me because I only cross-train in a gym.  In fact I was a gym rat for many years.  THEREFORE, this means . . .  wait for it . . . I have a gym membership once again!  (Thanks to my hubby for this wonderful gift.)

So excited to visit the gym again, I wasn’t able to get out for a run this week until this evening.  But beforehand, I  spent two hours in the gym doing cardio and strength training in the early afternoon.  Back home, I rested up for about two hours.  Then I was off again headed for the coastal hills.  My objective:  to run on tired legs.  And boy were they TIRED.  My legs were so tired in fact, as I set off into Wood Canyon, I really didn’t want to do this short out-and-back at all. 

“Just do it,” I said to myself.  I wonder if Nike, or whoever it was, knew the power of those words when they began using it in their ad campaign.  Just do it.  Just do it.  And I was off, one foot in front of the other, knowing that all I had to do was “do it,” and I would soon be finished.  The steepest portion (Cholla Trail) I found profoundly difficult to run, especially with no breeze and hot weather.  After that, each step became more and more bearable.

I saw two other runners, running together, one hiker and two mountain bikers.  I also saw two coyotes, on separate occasions, one bunny and about twenty-five lizards.   I didn’t run any loop-de-lu’s, like I usually do to fancy-up this out-and-back.  Instead, I ran straight to Top of the World, re-filled my handheld, turned around and ran straight back.  Total miles: 6


View of Pacific Ocean from West Ridge:

Top of the World:

View of Saddleback Mountains from West Ridge:

Running Cyn Vistas to TOW and back 8-21-2013, Elevation


  1. Great workout! Running after cross training is hard work. I've never trained in a gym. I'm too much of a solo person for that. I do my upper body sessions at home.

    1. For some reason, I just can't workout at home. At the gym, I think, "what the heck, I'm here, I might as well work out." :)

  2. I too dislike gyms to no end but seriously applaud your effort and commitment. I have a resistance band and a few weights which works perfect for me. Stay strong and just do it! :)