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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 on the 13th

The Sock initially helped my foot immensely.  Almost immediately, my arch and heel improved.  I could walk around in the morning with very little pain (mornings were always the worst).  After two days, improvement came slowly.  Still, I felt good enough to run.  So, I set out this morning along Trabuco Creek Trail (not to be confused with Trabuco Trail in Trabuco Canyon).  Immediately, my right foot hurt.  But it was bearable.  So, I continued onward.

Trabuco Creek Trail:

Aside from the foot pain, my calves felt extremely tight.  I stopped beneath the train tracks for a long stretch before continuing on. 

To get to my destination (Arroyo Trabuco Trail) I got to run along orange groves.  Oranges were slim pickings, but I found a couple trees bursting with the sweet fruit.

I got to run beneath Interstate 5.  A bit scary due to the darkness and nooks and crannies for scary people to hide.

At last I made Arroyo Trabuco Trail.  My foot still aching, but not too badly, I made several creek crossings without falling in the creek.  That only happens about fifty percent of the time on this trail. 

I enjoyed much of Arroyo Trabuco before finally turning around, a little over 6.5 miles, giving me 13+ miles today.

Turnaround point:

During the last 4 miles, running with THE FOOT became increasingly difficult.  Finally, with two miles, my pain was immense.  I was so close to phoning my husband for a ride to my car.  I just couldn’t take him from his work.  So I pushed onward, despite the pain. 

I’ve been icing off and on since I arrived home.  I’ve taped, I’ve rolled, I’ve applied heat.  Right now I’m wearing The Sock.

13.28 miles run today.  And I think I’m convinced that I really need to give the foot a break.  Bummer.  Sad smile

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