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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summertime Rain Makes Arroyo Trabuco A Sauna

A couple newsworthy items as far as Me goes:  1)  We got a couple days worth of rain (though light) here in Southern California, and 2)  I have officially killed another camera.  Yes.  She is dead. 

Because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning, I didn’t hit Arroyo Trabuco Trail until 1 o’ clock in the afternoon (13:00!).  And I paid.  All that rain put some water into the creeks, but it also put some humidity into the air, creating what seemed like a sauna.  After wasting way too much time fretting over my camera, which I feared dead and have since deemed dead, I took off into this sauna only slightly sluggish, but also with a slight pep in my step.  Why the pep?  Because I missed the trails.  Even in this love-hate relationship I’ve got going right now with my running and fitness, I still miss my wonderful, yet sauna-like friend today, the wonderful meandering rolling hills of Arroyo Trabuco Trail

Aye – just because my camera has died doesn’t mean I can’t snap photos – I have my trusty (non-smart) phone which can conjure up some pleasant photos.  This one was taken crossing Tijeras Creek, on my way to Arroyo Trabuco Trail.  I was already sweating buckets, but was okay with that.


Coming up on Arroyo Trabuco:


140804_013It all looks so shady and cool in the photos above.  Truth is – the humidity  was sweltering.  I was able to tough it out, only because I know that misery comes in much greater forms, and in comparison, today was really not that miserable.  I was after all on the trails, and I had all this familiar ground to visit – like seeing an old friend.  And seeing an old friend is one of the most joyous things in life. 

I’m hoping that these sauna-like conditions will help push me out of bed tomorrow for an earlier start.  Here’s to hope!


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  1. Nothing wrong with the non-smart phone photos! Unless you are in top shape a run in those conditions will always be very hard.