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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Facing the Fear

It’s been too long.  And when it’s been too long, I always fear that I won’t be able to run, that I will have lost all my strength, and that I’m going to need to start from scratch.  You would think by now, that I’d know better.  But I don’t.  Losing what I’ve gained is always a fear.  And just what is it that I’ve gained?  In a nutshell, to run and run, and run for tens of miles (albeit slowly) losing myself along the way and having an odd ability to endure the pain when and if it arrives.  I like that, and want to keep it. 

Well, we’ve got just one car in the house right now – one is in the shop getting a new transmission (yikes!). And so yesterday, I got out there and faced the fear by running out the front door.  I felt good and solid on paved ground and ran down to the local beaches where the skies were blue, and the breezes mild.   

I did not lose everything.  But admittedly, my breathing was a little labored early on (though corrected itself quickly) and I tired more than usual after mile five.  The best thing was, I got out there and ran, faced the fear. 

First day back after too long off:  6.61 miles run

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